GDBBM – Chapter 1025

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Chapter 1025: “Dangerous Feast (4)”

Xiong Ba told Jun Xie all the deeds that Qu Xin Rui had committed in the past and hoped that Jun Xie would give up on his intention of attending the birthday banquet. They had brought Jun Xie to come here and he was the last hope they had to save the Thousand Beast City. The Thousand Beast City was by now unable to sustain any more losses of their people and if even Jun Xie succumbed under the hand of Qu Xin Rui, Xiong Ba did not dare to imagine who else would be able to save them from it all.

“Jun Xie! You must not go!” Xiong Ba boomed as he stared at Jun Xie.

Jun Wu Xie then said: “If I do not go, are you then going to send me out of the city?”

Xiong Ba was stumped, as he stood frozen in his spot.

“The invitation has already reached me. If I do not go, that was be a snub to her face and she would definitely not tolerate that from me. The only option left for me then would be to leave the Thousand Beast City to escape from all of this. But if I am to leave, will there still be any meaning for me to even come here in the first place?” Jun Wu Xie said as she looked at Xiong Ba. She understood Xiong Ba’s concerns, but the bow had been strung and they had to shoot the arrow.

Xiong Ba fell back into a chair in defeat, his face perplexed.

“That’s right. She will not spare anyone who goes against her wishes. To save you, we will need to send you far away from the Thousand Beast City. With that….. you will not be able to execute any of your plans here…..”

“She will not do anything to me. Or at least, she won’t on the day of the banquet.” Jun Wu Xie said expressionlessly. That was one point she was still fairly confident of.

“Are you really going?” Xiong Ba said, still feeling rather worried.

Jun Wu Xie nodded to him.

“On the day of the banquet, Qing Yu and me will stick close by your side. If anything unexpected comes up, we will do everything in our power to escort you out. If anything really happens at that time, you must leave the Thousand Beast City immediately and never come back.” Xiong Ba said, staring unwaveringly at Jun Xie. They asked Jun Xie to come, not for her to lose her life here. And if the Heavens were to really abandon the Thousand Beast City, they will then have to deal with it on their own.

“Mmm.” Jun Wu Xie did not believe that anything untoward will happen on the day of the banquet and she had responded in agreement only to ease Xiong Ba’s worries.

Xiong Ba sighed heavily, but his face was still looking deeply troubled.

Jun Wu Xie poured him a cup of water and she discreetly slipped a little soothing and calming medicinal powder into the cup. After Xiong Ba gulped it down, he finally managed to calm down a little.

“You must really be on your toes at that time. I know you are surpassingly intelligent and even if I wreck my brains out, I will still pale in comparison to what you can think of.” Xiong Ba reminded as he looked at Jun Xie. If he had not met Jun Xie, he would really find it hard to believe that a young little youth like Jun Xie, could possibly be capable of such careful and meticulous deliberations.

“I will.” Jun Wu Xie agreed.

Xiong Ba had seemingly suddenly transformed into a naggy old man and he warned and reminded Jun Xie repeatedly for a rather long while more, constantly harping on Qu Xin Rui’s temperament and her idiosyncrasies. Only after he emptied out the entire flask of water did he finally spare Jun Xie and took his leave. From the way it looked when he left, he was definitely going to seek out Qing Yu to continue with his tirade.

The matter about Qu Xin Rui inviting Jun Xie to the banquet, did not really concern Jun Wu Xie too much herself, but it sure threw the Fiery Blaze Clan’s Clan Chief and his deputy into a hapless tizzy.

“Mistress seems to be in a rather good mood today.” The little black cat said, looking at Jun Wu Xie. Jun Wu Xie had actually exhibited several rare instances of “humanity” with her warmth and gentle consideration for others, which made the little black cat want to stand up and clap for the immense progress its Mistress had achieved.

“Really?” Jun Wu Xie did not feel any different.

Talking about her mood, Jun Wu Xie raised her eyes and looked out at the scenery outside her window. She was somehow feeling, as she stared into the stretches of green outside, that an all too familiar figure would appear suddenly, his face showing his highly comforting smile as he walked slowly towards her.

[Maybe…..] [Soon, they will meet again.]

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