GDBBM – Chapter 1023

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Chapter 1023: “Dangerous Feast (2)”

Jun Wu Xie’s words were like a bucket of cold water thrown upon the highly anxious Qing Yu that calmed him right down.

“Then why would she still send you this invitation?” Jun Wu Xie was right. With Qu Xin Rui’s power and her status in the Thousand Beast City, if she really wanted to kill Jun Xie, she would not need to do it in such a roundabout manner. And moreover, the incident had already passed for quite a time before this invitation was sent here.

“Maybe, she felt that I can be of some use to her.” Jun Wu Xie said expressionlessly. She had never thought that Qu Xin Rui would send an invitation to her, and the reason for that invitation was still not known to her for the moment.

“Then, Young Master Jun, does that mean you will be going?” Qing Yu was still feeling rather worried about it.

“Make a guess.” Jun Wu Xie threw the question back at him and Qing Yu did not say anything else.

If Jun Wu Xie was not going to leave the Thousand Beast City, then she would have to turn up for Qu Xin Rui’s birthday celebrations. But she wasn’t too bothered even if she was to really attend it. As Qu Xin Rui had not immediately made any attempts to kill her, that had told her clearly that Qu Xin Rui would not do anything to her during the birthday feast. She might also be able to find out the reason why she had been invited by attending the banquet.

After thinking the entire matter through, Qing Yu still felt that the entire matter felt too dangerous and he immediately ran to Xiong Ba to discuss it with him.

In the room, Jun Wu Xie was the only person left inside. She sat expressionlessly at the table as she poured herself a drink.

“Young Miss.” The figure of Ye Sha suddenly appeared within the room.

“In the past two days, were there any more people watching the Fiery Blaze Clan Hall?” Jun Wu Xie asked. On the night after Lord Meh Meh swallowed up the Devious Wyvern, Ye Sha had immediately detected that someone had infiltrated the Fiery Blaze Clan Hall deep in the night and hidden himself outside her door to watch her.

And Ye Sha had been able to sense that the man’s spirit energy was at least of the Purple Spirit or higher.

From that moment on, Jun Wu Xie knew that she had alerted the one in the Heavenly Cloud Chambers and that person had for consecutive days, sent people to observe her but they had never revealed themselves. Hence, Jun Wu Xie knew that Qu Xin Rui would soon act.

“They had not come in the past two days.” Ye Sha said.

“The things I asked you to do, have they been done?” Jun Wu Xie asked, slightly raising her eyes.

“It’s all done. You can rest assured, Young Miss.”

Jun Wu Xie nodded in satisfaction.

“The man who came here in the past few days, did you manage to assess his power?”

“I managed to get a rough gauge.” Ye Sha replied.

“How does he compare to you?” Jun Wu Xie inquired.

Ye Sha was silent a moment before he said: “Your subordinate will be able to take him down.”

That meant that the opponent’s powers was inferior to Ye Sha’s and the difference wasn’t just by a bit.

Although Ye Sha did not possess any spirit powers, but his battle prowess was somewhat higher than common Purple Spirits. When she heard Ye Sha’s words, Jun Wu Xie was slightly more relieved.

“Young Miss.” Ye Sha said suddenly.

Jun Wu Xie acknowledged nonchalantly and raised her cup intending to take sip from it.

“Ye Mei sent news that he will be returning with Young Master Wu Yao in a few days.” Ye Sha reported in a low voice.

At that moment, the teacup in Jun Wu Xie’s hand wavered, very nearly spilling its contents. Her face was completely expressionless but her fingers moved slightly, the only sign that betrayed her emotions.

“Is that so.” She replied without emotion, like she did not care in the slightest.

“Yes. Young Master Wu Yao had also instructed Ye Mei to relay the message asking for the Young Miss to take good care of herself and wait for him to come here.” Ye Sha said, reporting the message Ye Mei sent over, word for word.

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes lowered, as she looked at her own reflection in the teacup.



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