GDBBM – Chapter 1022

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Chapter 1022: “Dangerous Feast (1)”

[Lord Meh Meh swallowed up the Devious Wyvern?] [How was that possible?]

Qing Yu stared very hard at the round ball of wool that was Lord Meh Meh, but he still could not find anything out of the ordinary.

“Meh?” Lord Meh Meh heard Jun Wu Xie mention its name and thought that its feedstress was heaping praise on it and it wiggled its little tail, its rear end wobbling as it came to Jun Wu Xie’s feet, shamelessly rubbing itself against her calf.

It looked at that moment, exactly like a shameless, fawning lackey!

The perspective that Qing Yu viewed the world with, was suddenly shattered…..

[That dumb looking sheep….. was really able to swallow up the Devious Wyvern?] [Was Jun Wu Xie really not pulling his leg?]

“But you….. you previously said….. that you lost the match?” [How did it turn to become Lord Meh Meh swallowing up the Devious Wyvern?]

Jun Wu Xie said: “Lord Meh Meh’s foot stepped off from the platform first.”

Qing Yu very nearly spurted out blood upon hearing that.

It finally dawned on him that when Jun Xie had said that they lost the match, he had not meant that Lord Meh Meh had been defeated by the Devious Wyvern, but it was actually because Lord Meh Meh’s foot had fallen outside the battle stage platform and that was how they lost. And the result of that loss had happened with Lord Meh Meh….. swallowing up the Devious Wyvern!

At that moment, Qing Yu suddenly thought himself hopelessly naive. He had thought that Lord Meh Meh had been defeated by the Devious Wyvern and assumed the matter to be over and done with. Never could he have ever thought that something so absolutely terrifying had happened after that!

“You can’t go! You must absolutely not turn up for the birthday feast! That person was the one who specifically asked Lin Que to help her locate the Devious Wyvern. Lin Que spent almost ten years’ time before he managed to find it and you can see from that, just how rare the Devious Wyvern is. If you show yourself there, that person will definitely do something to you! That person’s methods are extremely cruel and vicious and she has never cared about consequences. For her to suddenly decide to send this invitation to you, it is obvious that she has malicious intentions behind it. If she really does anything to you at that time, I’m afriad even the Grand Chieftain will not be able to save you.” Qing Yu said, suddenly in a panic.

Qing Yu had not been worried that Jun Xie would really draw the attention of that person but one Devious Wyvern had changed all of that. They all knew that the Devious Wyvern Lin Que possessed was going to be gifted to Qu Xin Rui but it had been swallowed up by Jun Xie’s Spirit Beast. That must have thrown Qu Xin Rui into a rage!

“I’ll go get the Clan Chief immediately! I’ll ask him to get you out of the city!” Qu Yu could not wait another moment longer. He had personally witnessed that person’s cruel ways before. Whoever angered her, would undoubtedly have to repay for it with his life. Even Qu Ling Yue had not dared to show the slightest disrespect before her.

Jun Wu Xie looked at Qing Yu who had worked himself up into such a fluster and she calmly said: “No need.”

Qing Yu retorted: “Young Master Jun! This is no joking matter at all! That person was seeking to possess the Devious Wyvern and you have destroyed it. She would never let you off for that! I know that you possess very high spirit powers, but that person had already attained the Purple Spirits several decades ago! Her powers now will surely be even more unfathomable. There is no way you can be a match for her.”

Jun Wu Xie then asked: “You really think that she sent this to me here, because she wants to kill me?”

“What else could it be?” Qing Yu then said.

Jun Wu Xie looked at Qing Yu and said in a patient voice: “If she really wanted to kill me, she would have acted immediately upon my return from the Spirit Beast Arena.”

Qing Yu was suddenly at a loss for words.

“Losing the Devious Wyvern, was not a responsibility that Lin Feng would be able to shoulder himself. He would have pleaded for his father to help him at the first instance and Lin Que would not dare to keep the matter under wraps and would have reported it to that person immediately. If that person really wanted to have me killed, she would have already acted by now. Why would she wait till now?” Jun Wu Xie’s eyebrow arched up and she pointed at the invitation card to say: “Do you really think, with her status and position in the Thousand Beast City, to just kill me, she would need to set up such an elaborate and mystifying trap?”

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