GDBBM – Chapter 1021

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Chapter 1021: “A Young Girl’s Heart (3)”

When she felt Jun Xie’s slightly cold hand placed over her forehead, Qu Ling Yue’s face quickly turned even redder!

“You…..” Jun Wu Xie could feel that Qu Ling Yue’s forehead was getting rather warm and she was just about to take her pulse when Qu Ling Yue suddenly stood up with a swoosh.

Qu Ling Yue’s face was so red that her face looked like it was about to burst. She stood there in a fluster, her hands twisting helplessly together before her.

“I….. I….. I am fine…..” Qu Ling Yue stuttered nervously. When Jun Xie had been standing so close to her earlier, she had felt like her heart was almost going to jump out of her throat.

Jun Wu Xie looking puzzledly at Qu Ling Yue’s rather strange actions, unable to understand why Qu Ling Yue was reacting like this.

“Erm….. about that….. I….. I’ll take my leave first….. If….. If there’s anything else, I’ll come look for you then….. No….. no no, you can get Uncle Xiong to tell it to my father…..” Her tongue was getting all twisted up and Qu Ling Yue was getting more nervous the more she spoke, so she suddenly decided to just turn around and just run out of the room in a panic instead.

Qing Yu was just coming in to look for Jun Xie when Qu Ling Yue suddenly ran straight into him. He did not even have the time to apologise when Qu Ling Yue already had her head lowered and after quickly apologising a few times, she ran away like she was escaping from something.

“What happened to….. the Young Miss?” Qing Yu asked looking at Qu Ling Yue’s back as she ran away, his face puzzled as he turned to look at Jun Xie.

Jun Wu Xie shrugged her shoulders. She didn’t know what happened to Qu Ling Yue as well.

She was completely fine just moments ago when her face had suddenly turned red and she had quickly run away after saying barely a few words after that.

Qing Yu scratched at his head but very quickly, he couldn’t make himself worry about that anymore. He placed the invitation he held in his hand and placed it upon the table before Jun Xie.

Jun Wu Xie lifted an eyebrow as she glanced at Qing Yu and picked up the invitation to look at it, before quickly putting it back down on the table.

“This, was just brought in by the people from the Icy Frost Clan.” Qing Yu said with a frown. When it was delivered here, the person specifically stated that it was to be given to Jun Xie and that had greatly puzzled Qing Yu.

“Why would you be invited to that person’s birthday celebrations?” Qing Yu had thought long and hard but still had no answers to that question. How long had it only been since Jun Xie came to the Thousand Beast City? Qu Xin Rui’s birthday celebrations usually only included the Clan Chiefs and their deputies from the various clans, and the people within the Grand Chieftain’s Residence. Other than that, no one else would be allowed to attend.

And Jun Xie would not even considered to be from the Thousand Beast City, so why had Qu Xin Rui suddenly decided to issue an invitation to Jun Xie?

Jun Wu Xie calmly replied: “Because the Devious Wyvern is gone.”

“What?” Qing Yu was stunned for a while.

“Remember the time I went by myself to the Spirit Beast Arena for the match between the Devious Wyvern and Lord Meh Meh?” Jun Wu Xie asked.

Qing Yu immediately nodded. Of course he remembered that. He had still been highly relieved that Jun Xie had been able to bring Lord Meh Meh back in one piece. He had been afraid that Jun Xie might still be sore about it and so he had not dared to bring the matter up with the youth.

“That day, Lord Meh Meh swallowed up the Devious Wyvern.” Jun Wu Xie said, her face highly calm.

With a loud thunk, Qing Yu’s jaw dropped onto the floor.

“Wh… What….. What did you say? Lord Meh Meh….. swallowed up….. the….. the Devious Wyvern?” Qing Yu could not believe what his own ears were hearing. He had seen with his own eyes just how huge the Devious Wyvern had been and with Lord Meh Meh’s tiny body, even if it was to eat up the Devious Wyvern, they would first have to slash and grind the Devious Wyvern by a million cuts and that would take Lord Meh Meh an entire month to eat it as ground meat!

But Jun Xie had just said…..

Lord Meh Meh swallowed the Devious Wyvern up?

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