GDBBM – Chapter 1017

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Chapter 1017: “Heavenly Cloud Chambers (5)”

Qu Xin Rui gave a cold laugh in response. After her spirit powers broke through to attain the Purple Spirit, she had left the place at the invitation by the Soul Return Palace of the Twelve Palaces and she had only come back here to the Thousand Beast City because she had an objective to achieve here.

“Lin Que’s son is a useless piece of garbage, but Lin Que is still rather useful. If I had his son killed, I do not think he will continue to submit himself to work for us voluntarily. They will have to die in the end anyway, but for Lin Que, it will have to wait till he completes all the tasks I have set out for him to do before he dies.”

“According to what you are saying, you are only intending to settle scores with him after Lin Que helps us to locate the Dark Emperor’s tomb?” One of the men asked, his eyebrow lifting slightly.

Qu Xin Rui’s eyes narrowed and a cruel glint showed in her eyes.

“Although the Devious Wyvern is not as vital as the Dark Emperor’s tomb, but it is still something of significant importance. That wastrel of a trash had actually in a fit of anger, caused me to lose the Devious Wyvern that had been within my grasp in vain. How could I let him go scot free so easily?”

“Lin Que is rather loyal to you though. Even for something so difficult to find like the Devious Wyvern, Lin Que had still managed to find it for you. But a pity. If not for this accident, if you had brought the Devious Wyvern back to the palace, Xin Rui, you would have won yourself much credit.” The man said with a smile.

Qu Xin Rui swept her gaze over to him, seemingly not affected by the man’s sarcasm in the least.

“If you guys have so much time to be telling me all this, you should instead be looking at all this in another way. The Devious Wyvern might already be gone, but hadn’t they sent us something good in return?”

“Something good? You mean the Guardian Grade Spirit Beast?”

Qu Xin Rui shook her head. “Although a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast is rare, but it would not help us much towards our objective here. Instead, that little Emperor of the Fire Country would be more useful towards our needs. The Fire Country is the biggest country in the Lower Realm and regardless whether we are talking about the population of people or battle prowess, no other country in the Lower Realm can compare to them. If we can make the little Emperor obediently submit himself to us, we will then be able to mobilise the army he has on his hands to explore the Heaven’s End Cliff, and the results will naturally be something way beyond what one lone Thousand Beast City can hope to achieve.”

“Little wonder you said to forget the matter, so you already had this thought in your mind then. I had thought that your temperament had changed today and you suddenly decided not to make things difficult for Lin Que, nor to pursue the matter any further with Jun Xie. Seems like when you asked for an invitation to be sent to the little Emperor, you had already thought to rope the boy in?” The man was well aware of the kind of malice Qu Xin Rui was capable of and he immediately understood what Qu Xin Rui was planning.

Qu Xin Rui smiled slightly and said: “There aren’t too many things in the Lower Realm that is able to hold my attention and if they can be put to good use, then why not? If the little Emperor’s looks catches my eye, I will naturally not ill treat him as well.” As she spoke, the tip of Qu Xin Rui’s tongue lightly licked her red luscious lips.

“It will be good if everything happens as you have planned.”

“Whether it will happen, will depend on whether the little Emperor knows what’s good for him. In the next few days, Lin Que will be arranging for people to go to the Heaven’s End Cliff and see who among you three will be going with them. Even though no one from the Thousand Beast City will be able to come back alive, we shouldn’t waste all that effort for nothing and should at least dig up whatever information we can about the situation down there at the bottom.” Qu Xin Rui said to the men.


After that, Qu Xin Rui waved her hand and said: “All of you are dismissed.”

The three men exchanged looks between themselves and saw the sneer from being ridiculed in each other’s eyes but they chose not to speak of it. They pretended to show deference and walked down from the top floor of the Heavenly Cloud Chambers.

Very soon, the bunch of good looking young men who had been dismissed earlier rushed upstairs and quickly surrounded Qu Xin Rui once again, fawning all over her with shameless adulation.

Qu Xin Rui immersed herself within, her eyes closed in enjoyment.



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