GDBBM – Chapter 1016

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Chapter 1016: “Heavenly Cloud Chambers (4)”

Lin Que would never ever have thought, that Jun Wu Xie would possess such a prestigious background. In the Thousand Beast City, although he held the highly revered post of a Clan Chief, but it was not at a level that would be able to stand against the ruling Emperor of the biggest country throughout the lands, and Lin Que suddenly found himself completely bathed in cold sweat.

In his heart, he was cursing that son of his who was always stirring up so much trouble, many millions of times.

Of all the people in the world to offend, he had to choose to offend the Emperor of the Fire Country. His plan to divert the Grand Aunt’s rage onto Jun Xie this time looked like it was about to go up in smoke.

“A youth merely fourteen to fifteen years of age was actually able to become the Fire Country’s Emperor? Is that a joke from the Fire Country?” The lady asked doubtfully.

“Your subordinate heard that Jun Xie has a ring named the Ring of Imperial Fire and it was originally owned by one of the past Emperors of the Fire Country. That Emperor had gone missing for a very long time and the throne was temporarily taken over by his younger brother. Upon ascending to the throne, the younger brother had issued an Imperial Decree that once a person who holds the Ring of Imperial Fire appears, all descendants of his are to abdicate and give up the throne in favour of that person.” The man said.

“So that’s how it happened.” The lady nodded slightly. “The little Emperor has recently just ascended into the throne, so what is he doing here in my Thousand Beast City instead of enjoying himself back in the Fire Country?”

“That….. your subordinate does not know.”

The lady waved her hand to dismiss him and she turned to look at Lin Que kneeling upon the ground. Her gaze seemed thoughtful as Lin Que was feeling all jittery.

“Forget it. It’s just a beast anyway. Since the Fire Country’s little Emperor likes it, take it as a greeting gift from me to him.”

Hearing the Great Aunt say that, Lin Que heaved a silent sigh of relief in his heart.

“Very soon, my birthday celebrations will be coming up. With such a rare opportunity that the Fire Country’s little Emperor also happens to be in the Thousand Beast City as well, have someone hand him an invitation at that time, to invite the little Emperor to join us with the festivities.”

“Yes!” Lin Que said hurriedly.

“In this matter, I will not pursue it further. You have afterall tried your best and spared no effort all these years. Your son’s life, will be spared for now. It’s also about time the next batch of people should be heading out to the Heaven’s End Cliff and you should know what to do.” The lady said, her gaze falling upon Lin Que. Although it was just a fleeting glance, but it was enough to make anyone feel oppressively stifled.

Lin Que replied: “Your subordinate knows, and your subordinate will definitely carry it out properly. But….. but when your subordinate asked the Grand Chieftain to allocate men for the expedition previously, the Grand Chieftain had not seem too pleased about it.” As Lin Que spoke, he discreetly raised his head up slightly to observe the lady’s reaction.

The lady said with a cold laugh: “His displeasure should be nothing new to you. Why should you bother how he feels about it?”

“Yes….. yes. Everything will be carried out as Great Aunt wishes it to be. Your subordinate will spare no effort in getting it done.” Lin Que said.

The lady then nodded in satisfaction.

“You’re dismissed!”

“Yes.” Lin Que recused himself and asked his men to put all the gifts down before leaving the Heavenly Cloud Chambers.

“All of the rest of you are dismissed as well.” The lady waved her hand, dispersing all the good looking young men in the room.

When she was the only person left on the top floor, the towering man who had left earlier came back up with two other men with him.

“All that was said earlier, did you all hear it?” Qu Xin Rui asked, sitting up straight on the long lounge chair, looking at the three companions who had come to the Thousand Beast City with her.

“We heard it clearly. The fact that you let Lin Que off so easily this time, was very unlike your personality. I had thought that you would have needed to tear his son into a million pieces before you will be appeased.” The man who had been highly respectful towards Qu Xin Rui earlier suddenly said with a laugh, and there wasn’t a trace of the same respectful tone in his voice that had been present earlier.


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