GDBBM – Chapter 1018

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Chapter 1018: “Victory without a Fight”

As Lord Meh Meh had crushed the entire Spirit Beast Arena’s battle stage platform into rubble when it had revealed its true form, based on reason, it had been the first participant to have set foot outside the boundary of the battle platform. Hence, Lord Meh Meh was no longer holding the Spirit Beast Arena’s first rank. But as the Devious Wyvern who had “defeated” Lord Meh Meh had already been swallowed up completely without a trace left behind, the second ranked in the Spirit Beast Arena had been promoted up to hold the top rank.

That very afternoon, Jun Wu Xie brought Lord Meh Meh to the Spirit Beast Arena once again, and stated that they wanted to register for participation in the competition.


The person in charge of the Spirit Beast Arena had almost fallen to his knees before Jun Xie in plea.

They had usually only had low grade Spirit Beasts being brought in to contest in the Spirit Beast Arena. Needless to even mention about Guardian Grade Spirit Beasts, even seeing a medium grade Spirit Beast appear in their contests was a rare sight by itself.

With Lord Meh Meh being such an impossibly magnificent Guardian Grade Spirit Beast, was there even any meaning for it to come take part in their competition? Any Spirit Beast that was placed before Lord Meh Meh would not need Lord Meh Meh to even bleat a second time. The first sound it made would drive any of them into uncontrollable incontinence.

Aside from the fact that the Spirit Beasts would not even dare to stand before Lord Meh Meh, even their owners who were people who were most keen to show off their skills in Spirit Beast Taming were all hiding their Spirit Beasts away from Lord Meh Meh, not a single one among them wanting to see their Spirit Beast toyed by Lord Meh Meh on stage.

If that was allowed to continue on, how was the Spirit Beast Arena even going to continue its existence?

With no other choice, the person in charge in the Spirit Beast Arena had straightaway absolved Lord Meh Meh of having to go through any battles, and immediately shoved a Spirit Tamer Bracelet straight into Jun Xie’s hand, quickly escorting the youth and beast out of the Spirit Beast Arena in a big hurry like he would the God of Calamity.

Having a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast in their Spirit Beast Arena….. Not just merely this year, it was thought that even if they were to wait till next year, not a single participant would even dare show up here.

Wouldn’t that be just like the Chinese saying? Despite knowing a tiger’s in the mountain, but still choosing to walk up the mountain?

Having unexpectedly received the Spirit Tamer Bracelet that she wanted so easily, Jun Wu Xie was still feeling rather surprised. But when she saw the mourful and almost tearful look on the face of the person in charge, she accepted the bracelet without stalling and immediately left the place carrying Lord Meh Meh in her arms, failing to see all the people in the Spirit Beast Arena wiping tears from their eyes after she left.

Having gotten the Spirit Tamer Bracelet, Jun Wu Xie went back to the Fiery Blaze Clan Hall to slowly study it.

Fan Zhuo was still outside the Thousand Beast City at that moment and she did not know where his exact location was. It would only be after they came into the city and initiated contact with her that she would be able to hand the Spirit Tamer Bracelet to Fan Zhuo.

The Spirit Tamer Bracelets in the Thousand Beast City were classified into different grades. The one Jun Wu Xie held in her hand was of the most inferior quality, that was only able to tame one low grade Spirit Beast. To someone like Jun Wu Xie who already had two Guardian Grade Spirit Beasts with her, the item was really not of much use to her. After looking at it carefully a few times, she then kept it away.

Jun Wu Xie then took the lotus basin out from the Cosmos Sack and slowly absorbed the spirit energy from it. She had already been at the pinnacle of the green spirit from quite a long time with her spirit power fully filled to the brim, and she would be able to breakthrough into the blue spirit anytime she wanted. But Jun Wu Xie was not too keen to do it at that moment as when she conducts a breakthrough, she would inadvertently fall into unconsciousness for a period of time. Being in the Thousand Beast City currently, Jun Wu Xie did not dare to allow herself to fall into a coma so carelessly and although she had Lord Meh Meh and the others at her side, she didn’t hold too much confidence towards Lord Meh Meh’s and the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit’s intelligence. Only the little black cat among them could be counted as quick witted but she was not certain that it would be able to handle any unexpected situations that might suddenly occur.

Afterall, within the Thousand Beast City, people from the Twelve Palaces were also present and under such circumstances, it was impossible for Jun Wu Xie to proceed with her spirit power breakthrough while alone.

As she silently absorbed the spirit energy, Jun Wu Xie’s mind was also contemplating the situation within the Thousand Beast City.


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