GDBBM – Chapter 1015

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Chapter 1015: “Heavenly Cloud Chambers (3)”

“Your subordinate Lin Que pays his greetings to the Great Aunt.” Lin Que paid his obeisance, kneeling down on both his knees.

The beautiful lady being waited upon hand and foot by a good number of attractive looking men lifted her eyes slightly, her alluring eyes lightly sweeping over Lin Que as she said nonchalantly: “Little Yun told me you have something you need to see me for? And that it has to do with the Devious Wyvern. I remember you telling me just a few days ago that you will be presenting the Devious Wyvern as a gift to me for my birthday celebrations. For you to come here today, wouldn’t that mean that there has been a problem?”

The pitch she spoke with had been light and the voice enchanting, but the tone was nevertheless piercing like a needle, that drove pain into Lin Que.

Cold sweat ran down Lin Que’s back, as he knelt firmly before the lady, his face already pale as a ghost.

“Your subordinate is guilty! Your subordinate has failed to rein in my unruly son which had caused the moron to fall prey to the scheme of people with ill intentions, resulting in him losing the Devious Wyvern, and I beg for the Great Aunt to mete out punishment!”

The beautiful lady’s eyes narrowed slightly as she stared at Lin Que kneeling upon the ground, and then she suddenly broke out into a laugh sounding like the tinkle of silver bells.

“Lin Que, the reason you have come here today, is just to tell me that your son had lost my Devious Wyvern?”

Lin Que started shaking as he remained kneeling upon the ground. Although what his ears heard was laughter, but that sound instead caused his entire body to break out in cold sweat!

“It’s your subordinate’s negligence that caused my son…..”

A shattering crash sounded!

A white jade wine cup had smashed upon Lin Que’s temple and a wound had immediately opened up on his head. Blood gushed out from the wound on his temple and started dripping down, the bright red blood dripping upon the white fox fur rugs on the ground, devilish blood flowers seemingly blooming upon the snowy white.

Lin Que did not dare to move from his spot and forced himself to remain kneeling as he said in a hurry: “It was my offspring’s foolishness, that allowed him to fall into the scheme set up by people, which made him lose the Devious Wyvern. Your subordinate has already investigated and looked into the matter clearly. The other party had actually disguised his Guardian Grade Spirit Beast as a low grade Spirit Beast which was the main cause of this issue. Although he was set up by others, but this incident still cannot be disassociated completely with your subordinate’s incompetent son and your subordinate is willing to submit myself to the Great Aunt’s punishment on my foolish son’s behalf.”

The beautiful lady narrowed up her eyes and sat up upon the long lounge chair. “Guardian Grade Spirit Beast?”

Lin Que’s heart filled with joy, realizing that he had chosen the right method. He quickly replied: “Yes, it was undoubtedly a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast. That person was brought in by the people from the Fiery Blaze Clan and his name is Jun Xie. The person had never been in the Thousand Beast City before this.”

“Jun Xie? That’s interesting. Someone actually dares to lay hands upon the things that I want.” A malicious expression appeared upon the beautiful lady’s face and she clapped her hands which were fair as white jade lightly together.

And a towering man immediately came up from downstairs.

When Lin Que saw that man, he became even more cautious. That man was one of the powerful men the Great Aunt had brought here with her.

“Go look into the background of who that Jun Xie is.” The lady said, her voice sounding highly displeased.

The man was surprised and he hesitated a moment after receiving his orders, seemingly having remembered something. He suddenly turned to Lin Que and said: “That person named Jun Xie, how old is he, and is he male or female?”

Lin Que quickly replied: “He looked to be fourteen or fifteen years of age, small built, just a young immature youthful boy.”

An eyebrow on the man’s face lifted and he took a step forward to say: “Your subordinate has actually heard of the name Jun Xie before.”

“Oh?” The lady looked at the man inquiringly.

“A few days ago, our spies from the Fire Country sent in a report, saying that a great upheaval had shaken up the Fire Country’s ruling Imperial Family. The ruling regime of the Fire Country has changed hands and it had been to a person called Jun Xie! A youth that was about fourteen or fifteen years of age, and Xiong Ba has just returned from the Fire Country. If my guess if not wrong, the Jun Xie that Lin Que is talking about, should be the new ruling Emperor of the Fire Country.” The man said slowly.

Lin Que’s heart was suddenly overtaken with shock!

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