GDBBM – Chapter 1014

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Chapter 1014: “Heavenly Cloud Chambers (2)”

Lin Que waited outside the Heavenly Cloud Chambers to be summoned as his underlings and servants held a heap of treasures within their hands beside him.

Moments later, a fair skinned and handsome looking male came out from within the Heavenly Cloud Chambers. His clothes were thin and light, his demeanour frivolous. When he saw Lin Que, he began to say nonchalantly: “The Great Aunt is too busy to see you today and if there’s nothing else, you can leave now. “

Lin Que’s eyes narrowed. Within the Heavenly Cloud Chambers, besides the other few highly powerful people that person had brought in with her, she reared a whole herd of handsome young men inside. The men were all kept there to attend to that person’s everyday whims and fancies within the entire Heavenly Cloud Chambers, that person was the only female in there and all the rest were without exception, only male.

According to a rule in the Heavenly Cloud Chambers, no other female was to set foot within it and even Qu Ling Yue was only able to wait outside the Heavenly Cloud Chambers.

Those handsome men were mostly selected from within the city and they were not highly skilled and possessed insignificant spirit powers. They were all however blessed with attractive flesh shells and that person liked handsome looking men like this.

Which had led to having even highly authoritative men like the Clan Chief of the Icy Frost Clan to not dare be too harsh with these “favoured men”.

Swallowing back his rage, Lin Que said with a smile: “I will have to implore that Young Master Yun to help relay another message for me, saying that the matter I am here for today is related to the Devious Wyvern. I believe this matter is definitely of interest to the Great Aunt.” As he spoke, Lin Que pulled out a longish rectangular brocade box and placed it into the hands of Young Master Yun.

Young Master Yun raised up an eyebrow and opened the brocade box to see. He saw a glittering gold decorative Ruyi lying within and the impatience on his face immediately disappeared without a trace, quickly replaced by a satisfied smile.

“Since Clan Chief Lin has important matters to discuss, I shall then try my best despite the difficulties and help you relay the message once more.” Upon saying that, Young Master Yun slipped the brocade box within his sleeve and walked inside the Heavenly Cloud Chambers as he swiveled his hips.

Immediately upon after the man had turned and left, a malicious glint instantly shone within Lin Que’s eyes.

“Clan Chief, why do you need to be so polite to such people?” A servant beside Lin Que asked, highly displeased with Young Master Yun’s arrogant demeanor.

Lin Que sneered, his voice dripping with derision: “You really think that I treat these people with respect? If they were not so favoured by that person, useless garbage like this would not even be fit to wipe my shoes!”

After a while, Young Master Yun came out and told Lin Que that the Grand Aunt is willing to see him now.

Lin Que put on an ingratiating smile upon his face and thanked Young Master Yun repeatedly before he led his men into the Heavenly Cloud Chambers.

The Heavenly Cloud Chambers was seven storeys tall and that person lived on the top level.

Lin Que followed behind Young Master Yun the entire way as he made some enquiries about that person’s mood today. Young Master Yun having accepted the gift had naturally spilled every single detail he knew and when they got to the top level, Lin Que immediately shut his mouth.

On the topmost level of the Heavenly Cloud Chambers, the entire floor was covered with snowy white fox skin rugs. Every single inch within the room was covered with lavish extravagance. Gold trinkets and jade jewellery could be seen scattered everywhere and several lightly clothed and handsome looking young men were seated on one side, some playing the zither, some picking at the pipa, and a few piping out melodies on jade flutes.

Another group of good looking men were leaning against the sides of an elaborate consort’s lounge chair, offering up platters of fruits and wine, their faces plastered with adulating smiles.

A lady in red was lounging lazily on the long lounge chair, being served by the mass of young men. She was beautiful looking and the ends of her eyes were slighted edged upwards, looking to be only in her twenties. A mane of black flowed out behind her, as one man knelt on the floor, carefully combing it out.

Lin Que glanced once at the beautiful lady, his face showing a cautious smile.

Who would have thought that the unparalleled beauty was in actuality an old woman beyond a hundred years old?


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