GDBBM – Chapter 1013

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Chapter 1013: “Heavenly Cloud Chambers (1)”

Lin Que narrowed his eyes. The death of the Devious Wyvern was not a fact that could be covered up so easily and the only thing he could do now was think of ways to reduce that person’s rage so he would be able to pick his son out from this big pickle his son was in.

“Do you know the origins of the Spirit Beast?”

Lin Feng shook his head.

“I only know that the Spirit Beast takes on the form of a snowy white wolf and has nine tails behind it. It….. it is just a little sheep when it hides its true form and doesn’t look like it holds much power.”

Lin Que thought deeply on it a moment immediately pulled Lin Feng up from the ground. “You tell me. Does that brat Jun Xie know that you were the one who brought the Devious Wyvern out right from the start?”

Lin Feng nodded hurriedly.

“Then you had better remember what I am about to tell you carefully. In this incident, right from the beginning, Jun Xie had schemed against you. He made his own Spirit Beast attack Shangguan Miao’s Spirit Beast which caused Shangguan Miao to get hurt. And you had only acted rashly in order to avenge your brother in arms and fell under Jun Xie’s plot to have the Devious Wyvern killed. Do you understand?” Lin Que instructed with his eyes narrowed, staring right at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was stunned.

Lin Que shouted out loudly with impatience: “Have you heard me clearly!”

Lin Feng shivered and nodded hastily.

“I heard you! I heard you!”

“Very good. Now, the matter is afterall linked to you and when that person metes out punishment, just bear with it and I’ll try my best to plead for mercy on your behalf. But you must definitely insist that this has been the doing of Jun Xie. Jun Xie is a guest of the Fiery Blaze Clan’s and the Fiery Blaze Clan had always been against that person’s way of doing things. Very few people know about the Devious Wyvern but some people in the Fiery Blaze Clan are aware of it. They leaked the information to Jun Xie and made him scheme up this plot to instigate you to act. Make sure you remember all this properly! If that person sends people to come interrogate you, then answer them exactly as I have just told you without leaving a single word out!” Lin Que said fiercely.

“Father is intending to pin the entire blame for this matter onto Jun Xie?” Lin Feng was still rather surprised.

“What do you think! ? If he doesn’t take the blame, even I would not be able to save you from that person! You better pray hard that the Guardian Grade Spirit Beast of Jun Xie’s is enough to please that person. If that Guardian Grade Spirit Beast is able to appease that person’s rage, then you will be safe.” Lin Que said coldly.

Lin Feng shrunk his head into his shoulders meekly and did not dare say anything more.

“You useless good for nothing! Shouldn’t you be getting back to your room to reflect on your actions! ?” Lin Que hollered, his rage rising the more he looked at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng quickly wiped the tears and mucus off his face and slunk back to his room with his head held low but the terror that had filled his eyes was already slowly fading away. If Lin Que was asking him to remain back in his room, that told him that Lin Que had a certain level of confidence in regards to this matter. With that, Lin Feng knew that he had managed to escape disaster this time.

Lin Que stared at his own son’s slender back and could not help but feel a desperate sense of helplessness. He should have been able to strengthen his position with that person with the Devious Wyvern but now, it had all been ruined by this wastrel of a son and he had to think of a way to make up for it instead.

“Guards!” Lin Que called out suddenly.

“What instructions does the Clan Chief have for us?”

“Go to the storehouse and bring me the treasures I brought back yesterday. Then come with me to the Heavenly Cloud Chambers.” Lin Que instructed the guards with a heavy sigh.
“Yes, Chief!”

Lin Que prepared quite a substantial heap of treasures and got onto the horse carriage to make his way towards the Heavenly Cloud Chambers in the Thousand Beast City.

The Heavenly Cloud Chambers in the Thousand Beast City was originally a place they used to worship the deities but after that person came back, orders were given to have the altar dismantled and to have all the spiritual tablets disposed. It was then converted into a residence for that person’s own use and in the entire area the Heavenly Cloud Chambers sat, all buildings higher than two storeys were torn down as that person had felt that the buildings obstructed her view outside her windows.


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