GDBBM – Chapter 1012

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Chapter 1012: “Treacherous Deceit (1)”

Lin Que was shocked by Lin Feng’s actions and he immediately asked: “What’s wrong? Whatever it is, get up first and tell me about it.”

Lin Feng remained kneeling stubbornly and said: “Father, the Devious Wyvern….. the Devious Wyvern….. is gone…..”

“What! ?” Lin Que’s eyes flared wide open, looking at Lin Feng in disbelief.

“What do you mean the Devious Wyvern is gone? What actually happened?”

Lin Feng mournfully told Lin Que everything that had happened and Lin Que’s face turned from white to green.

“You useless piece of good for nothing!”

With a sharp crack, Lin Que slapped Lin Feng hard across his face. The amount of strength used, immediately left a five fingered palm mark burning brightly upon Lin Feng’s face.

Lin Feng did not dare to cry out in pain and could only hold his face as he remained kneeling in his spot.

“Who gave you the guts? How dare you bring the Devious Wyvern to the Spirit Beast Arena? Don’t you know who was the one who wanted the Devious Wyvern? Have you entirely lost your mind!? Do you realize, for that Devious Wyvern, how much effort I had put in, how many men I have lost for it? And you dare to lose the Devious Wyvern in a dumb fit of rage! ? I have told that person everything about the Devious Wyvern and I have been told that it will be that person’s birthday in half a month’s time. I have already promised to deliver the Devious Wyvern at that time and you, this blasphemous thing, would have to choose this exact moment to stir up such a mess! Aren’t you just slapping your own father across his face! ?” Lin Que roared, absolutely seething with rage this time.

If it had been any other thing, it would have been fine if it was gone. He could very well just go find another one to replace it.

But the Devious Wyvern had taken him close to almost ten years and he had gone through much difficulties before he had managed to find it. In order to capture it and bring it back here, he had even had to sacrifice several of his most elite men and countless numbers of common underlings. He had initially thought that he would be able to use the Devious Wyvern to gain the favour of that person and in the end, the very moment he informed that person about it, he had come back to find the Devious Wyvern gone!

How was he expected to resolve this situation! ?

Lin Que’s uncontrollable rage was making Lin Feng feel highly uneasy. He was Lin Que’s only son and Lin Que seldom scolded him.  When he had stirred up more atrocious incidents in the past, Lin Que had always quietly helped him resolve all those issues. But this time, the situation was completely different from any in the past.

“Father! Farther! You have to save me.” Lin Feng pleaded as he wailed at Lin Que’s foot, hugging Lin Que’s thigh in terror.

“I won’t dare do it again. Never again. I beg for father to save me just this once.”

Lin Que stared at his good for nothing son and really wished he could just slap the moron to death. But he could not bear to lay such a heavy hand upon him and could only let out a heavy sigh in resignation.

“Haiz! What wrong have I done.”

“You said that the Devious Wyvern was killed by a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast? And that Spirit Beast belonged to the youth that Xiong Ba recently brought into the Thousand Beast City?” Things have come to such a stage and he could not push his son out to shoulder the blame for the crime, so, he would have to come up with another plan.

Lin Feng nodded his head in agreement.

“Are you very certain that the youth’s Spirit Beast is of the Guardian Grade?” Lin Que asked.

Lin Feng replied in a hurry: “Very sure! I was not the only person who saw it! Everyone at the Spirit Beast Arena today saw it too! That Spirit Beast, is for sure of the Guardian Grade. If not….. if not, why would the Devious Wyvern succumb under it? Your son had not known of that Spirit Beast’s grade at all before that and had thought that it was just a low grade Spirit Beast, thinking….. thinking that the Devious Wyvern’s power would not have any problem eliminating the opponent. I had not thought that that Jun Xie would be so despicable to deliberately hide his Spirit Beast’s grade and that had caused me to fall prey to his wiles.” Lin Feng cried out, purposefully shifting all the blame onto Jun Xie’s head.


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