GDBBM – Chapter 1003

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Chapter 1003: “The Devious Wyvern’s Spirit Stone (1)”

Jun Wu Xie brought Lord Meh Meh with her in her arms, as she left the Spirit Beast Arena under the scrutiny of the multitude of gazes fixed upon her from the entire crowd.

The people in the Spirit Beast Arena still had not recovered even after Jun Wu Xie left the place. Everything that they saw today, had completely smashed the way they had viewed the world and it was through the appearance of a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast that everything they believed in was completely changed, in this world they thought they knew!

It was under the same Heavens, that a person could possibly exist, one who knew more about Spirit Beast Taming more than the very people of the Thousand Beast City?

Without needing any external influence, and the person was able to make a Spirit Beast act according to his orders. Just how terrifyingly was that?

Lin Feng sat upon the ground, looking highly disconcerted, as fear and terror gripped his heart.

Jun Wu Xie had just walked out from the Spirit Beast Arena for a little while when she saw Qing Yu come running up in a hurry.

When Qing Yu spotted Jun Xie, he immediately went up to the youth.

“Didn’t we agree on it already? That you won’t be coming today? Are….. are you alright?” Qing Yu scrutinised Jun Xie from head to toe. When he saw that there were no signs of any injury on Jun Xie and that Lord Meh Meh carried in his arms only had some traces of blood smudged upon its hind hoof but otherwise looked completely fine, Qing Yu was finally able to heave a big sigh of relief.

“As long as you’re alright, as long as you’re alright. Lord Meh Meh seems to be fine as well, and that little bit of injury on its hoof will heal up quickly in a couple of days.” Qing Yu had thought that the blood on Lord Meh Meh’s hoof was its own, not knowing that the blood had been from the spectators that it had accidentally crushed to death when its foot had landed on them.

Jun Wu Xie did not bother to explain it and merely took out a handkerchief to patiently wipe off the bloodstain from Lord Meh Meh’s hoof.

After having swallowed the Devious Wyvern, Lord Meh Meh was feeling so exceptionally satisfied that it had not even bugged Jun Wu Xie for lotus leaves. It merely snuggled up happily within Jun Wu Xie’s arms with its eyes closed like two crescents of bliss, enjoying its Feedstress’ loving embrace.

“Let’s go back first.” Qing Yu saw that Jun Xie wasn’t willing to speak much and was afraid that the youth was sad.

“Don’t dwell on it too much. The Devious Wyvern is not an ordinary Spirit Beast afterall and it is normal that you would lose.” Qing Yu said, kindly trying his best to comfort Jun Xie.

Jun Wu Xie instead told him: “I will be returning there tomorrow.”

“Huh?” Qing Yu was stunned. Why was this boy so downright stubborn?

The befuddled Qing Yu brought Jun Xie back to the Fiery Blaze Clan Hall and Jun Xie immediately brought Lord Meh Meh back to her room, drawing water to help Lord Meh Meh clean off the blood from its hoof.

But she had just put Lord Meh Meh upon the bed while she went to pour out some hot water when the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit that had been left behind to be put under the little black cat’s supervision quickly leapt up onto the bed. It stared at the highly contented and fully satisfied looking Lord Meh Meh lying upon the bed comfortably and the scheming rabbit was immediately filled with resentment.

It turned to peek at Jun Wu Xie and saw that she had turned away to pour out water. Its big eyes immediately spun around and it suddenly leapt up high in the air, landing right onto the highly rounded tummy of Lord Meh Meh’s!

“Meh! ! ! ! !”

A shrill and ear piercing wail rang out.

The brows on Jun Wu Xie’s face immediately furrowed together tightly when she heard that sound. She turned herself around and saw that Lord Meh Meh and the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit caught up in another scuffle with each other. And when they noticed Jun Wu Xie staring hard at them, they immediately broke it off and quickly parted. Lord Meh Meh had then stuck out one of its hooves and tried to surreptitiously kick an unidentified item off the bed, which fell with a clatter to the floor.

“The scheming rabbit had caused the dumb sheep to vomit that out.” Having witnessed the entire process from the side, the little black cat had snitched on the two without feeling the slightest bit of guilt.

When Lord Meh Meh heard that, it immediately turned around and buried its head under the blanket, with its little rear end still exposed, the tiny tail trembling in fear, shaking in the air.

“…..” Jun Wu Xie could find no words at that moment.


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