GDBBM – Chapter 1004

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Chapter 1004: “The Devious Wyvern’s Spirit Stone (2)”

Every time Drunk Lotus appeared, he would always be mercilessly chasing after the little black cat and every time Little Lotus showed up, he would then be harried and pursued by Lord Meh Meh, jumping all over the place. And now, things had gone up another notch. The Sacrificial Blood Rabbit and Lord Meh Meh always fought against each other, every single opportunity they got…..

Jun Wu Xie could feel a massive headache coming on. [Can’t those two dumb beasts give it a rest for once?]

The piece of “vomit” that Lord Meh Meh had “secretly” kicked off the bed with its hoof fell with a loud and clear clatter upon the floor, spinning in a small circle for a while before coming to a stop on the ground.

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes narrowed up when she saw that the piece of “vomit” was actually a spirit stone as big as a pigeon’s egg!

It was a jade green spirit stone and it was all covered with Lord Meh Meh’s saliva as it lay shining on the ground, smooth and lustrous, reflecting the sunlight coming in through the window.

Jun Wu Xie bent to pick up the wet and sticky spirit stone with a handkerchief wrapped over her fingers and brought it closer to have a good look at it.

Within that piece of jadeite green stone, not a single flaw could be seen.

“This is the Devious Wyvern’s spirit stone?” Jun Wu Xie’s eyes narrowed as she looked at the stone. Since it came out from Lord Meh Meh’s mouth, it must have come from the Devious Wyvern that Lord Meh Meh had swallowed up. And as the spirit stone could not be digested, and under the impact from the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit’s high leap, this indigestible spirit stone had been vomited out through Lord Meh Meh’s mouth!

The Devious Wyvern was considered to be the strongest among the high grade Spirit Beasts and moreover, this particular Devious Wyvern had already completed all three cycles of its molting, hence, it was basically already a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast. But as its Guardian Grade Spirit Beast powers had not yet fully evolved, it had been defenceless against Lord Meh Meh’s matured powers.

And the Devious Wyvern’s spirit stone in her hand, was of a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast quality.

This was the first time that Jun Wu Xie was seeing a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast quality spirit stone. Although it wasn’t really all that big in size, she could clearly feel the pure power emanating from the stone.

Jun Wu Xie’s spirit ring had still not been reforged and if she was to reforge her spirit ring one day, embedding this Guardian Grade spirit stone onto it would definitely be the most lavish and elaborate thing she could equip it with!

With that thought in mind, Jun Wu Xie wiped the Devious Wyvern’s spirit stone carefully before she placed the stone in her palm for her to inspect it meticulously.

However, she had just placed that spirit stone onto her own palm when the overpowering urge she had felt back at the Spirit Beast Arena suddenly struck her from within once again!

That overwhelming desire suddenly swelled exponentially within her mind!

[What was really happening here?]

Jun Wu Xie shook her head vehemently as she fought to suppress that strong desire within her. The feeling was extremely foreign to her and she had never experienced such loss of control over her own emotions.

The little black cat detected Jun Wu Xie’s strange actions and it quickly leapt over to Jun Wu Xie’s side, wanting to see what was wrong with Jun Wu Xie.

But at the same moment that the little black cat leapt over, in the hand that Jun Wu Xie was using to hold the spirit stone, a burst of golden light suddenly shone brilliantly!

The light was not glaring, and Jun Wu Xie could suddenly feel a strange power suppressing that indescribable strong urge of desire within her!

Little golden tendrils, looking as if they possessed their own consciousness, slowly began wrapping themselves over the spirit stone bit by bit, gradually nudging it to move towards the centre of Jun Wu Xie’s palm!

The sudden strange and inexplicable stinging pain when a foreign object forcibly passes through your flesh caused Jun Wu Xie to immediately break out in cold sweat. She wanted to fling the spirit stone off her hand but the golden tendrils of light gripped the stone tenaciously, slowly and gradually pulling it under the flesh of her palm!


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