Five Way Heaven 50

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Chapter 50: Brain Couldn’t Keep Up

The teacher saw Ai Hui’s expression of astonishment, and couldn’t help but smile. He still solemnly stated “You don’t need to worry. No matter if you agree or not, I will still tell you all that I know. Whatever I think of, I’ll tell you. I won’t hide anything. In addition if you agree, I can’t help you much outside of teaching you my theories and guiding your understanding of cultivation. I am also poor. After having taught basic cultivation for thirty years, I don’t have many connections.”

When speaking his last sentence, the teacher’s voice contained some level of self-deprecation.

Ai Hui felt strange “Why did master select me? My talent is very bad and I’m also very poor.”

“Haha.” The teacher laughed out loud. “I already knew that you have poor talent and are very poor. But it doesn’t matter, my theories don’t need extremely high talent, they only need patience and perseverance. I saw these qualities in you.”

Ai Hui didn’t hesitate any longer and respectfully bowed “Disciple greets his master!”

The teacher was extremely happy, and became incomparably excited “Good good good!”

Ai Hui was also very excited. He had been an orphan since young. Meeting a master willing to take him in as a disciple obviously made him extremely excited.

One struggled for tens of years, but received no recognition and remained poor. One had terrible talent, but desired to learn. One old and one young were at that moment, in perfect harmony.

After a long while, the two finally calmed down.

The teacher was a little embarrassed “Even though I’m so old, my breathing exercises are still so horrible. Shameful shameful!”

Ai Hui only smiled.

The teacher said “First master needs to tell you my last name is Wang, and first name is Shouchuan. I don’t really have any achievements. Disciple you’re from Old Earth right?”

“Yes, Disciple Ai Hui is from Old Earth. I stayed in the Savage Territories for three years.” Ai Hui also introduced himself.

Wang Shouchuan suddenly realized “I have heard of you before. Once you mentioned the Savage Territories, I knew. To be able to survive in the Savage Territories for three years as a coolie and come here must have been difficult.”

The more the old man looked at Ai Hui, the more satisfied he became. Being able to live in the Savage Territories for three years was a feat few talents in the Induction Ground could accomplish, not to mention Ai Hui was only a coolie.

The old man had taught for thirty years in the Induction Ground and had seen many different types of students. However, this was his first time seeing a student like Ai Hui.

So what if his talent was a bit weak? Which years didn’t the Induction Ground produce a few students with weak talent, but made major progress?

Initially he may have thought Ai Hui was calm and patient, but he still wasn’t able to confirm if Ai Hui would be able to endure his cultivation plan. However after knowing Ai Hui’s origin, he no longer had any doubts.

How could an impatient coolie possibly survive for three years in the Savage Territories?

The old man worried even less about Ai Hui’s endurance.

Now the old man understood why Ai Hui seemed to be overly mature and calm for his age. A disciple that experienced an obstacle like that would not be average.

The old man knew that he had picked up a treasure.

“Come come come. Master will explain to you my theories.” The old man suddenly perked up. “You just said a lot. When talking about relationships, if two people have opposing tempers and completely cannot hold conversations with each other, then it would be nearly impossible to make them cooperate.

Ai Hui nodded quickly, that’s true, and he suddenly thought of an extremely fitting example.

Duanmu from the other evening!

That despicable, alienable, hypocritic, childish, and evil guy, if he became partners with someone like him, Ai Hui would definitely first defeat his partner in front of the enemy’s eyes.

“A suitable partner is extremely important. If two people’s tempers mix well, then it is very easy to synergize.” The old man explained.

Ai Hui nodded quickly again, so true, he thought of another extremely fitting example.


Luolan was so great, enthusiastic, helpful, kind, excellent at cooking, and trustworthy. Without having known Luolan for long, people would just naturally become extremely close friends with him. There would be no problems.

“Getting a suitable partner similarly requires time to become accustomed to each other. You must spend time to understand your partner, know his habits and let him know yours. Only in this way can you completely cooperate with each other.” The old man concluded.

“That’s right!” Ai Hui was in complete agreement.

“Elemental energy is the same.” The old man said “Right now in cultivation, everyone looks at it like some sort of tool instead of their partner. That in and of itself doesn’t have anything wrong with it. Elemental energy does not have spirit. However elemental energy, this tool, is very complicated and not at all as simple as everyone thinks.”

The old man proudly declared his conclusion “Because elemental energy’s attributes may not have to stay constant.”


When he saw Ai Hui’s calm expression, he was very surprised, and a little confused “Disciple are you not surprised? This should be different from what the other masters are teaching.”

“Master what you said is very reasonable.” Ai Hui naturally said “The Metal Suspending Pagoda is more violent while the Whirlpool Spring is mild and calm while both have metal elemental energy. Evidently metal elemental energy can have different qualities. Since there are different qualities, they can transform between each other and it isn’t so strange. The elemental energy within Metal Suspending Pagoda would likely change gradually if it left the pagoda.”

The old man was stunned. To reach this conclusion, he had to reason through many theories. He never thought Ai Hui would be able to casually come up with an explanation.

Ai Hui actually still wanted to say even if elemental energy did not want to change, one could still force it to change. For example, shattering the energy.

After the old man’s initial surprise, he became even more happy and praised “Disciple truly understands!”

He continued “Everyone’s physical attributes will have minor differences. For different kinds of metal energy, they would have different compatibilities. Thus, we need to find metal energy that is most suitable for us so that it would better adapt to our bodies. However, the average cultivation now only focuses on affinity, which is what we call talent and it measures only the difficulty of absorbing elemental energy. However, what if an elemental energy is not easily absorbed, but very easily used? Very little people will think about this issue.”

Ai Hui did not have any problems understanding this and even added “Disciple’s talent is poor, but has endurance, so disciple can choose to absorb purer metal elemental energy at a slower rate, but will achieve greater effects.”

Wasn’t this very similar to how he already cultivated? Yes, even though their perspectives were different, the core of their philosophies were the same. In addition, wasn’t that more evidence that master’s theories were very suitable for him?

Ai Hui couldn’t help but look forward to his future cultivation.

The old man stared stupidly at Ai Hui. His own thoughts accumulated through ten years of hard work was actually very easy?

Or was he lucky that through great difficulty, he found a student that was willing to listen which he accepted as his disciple and turned out to be a genius?

The old man thought his brain couldn’t keep up.

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