Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 927

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Chapter 927: A little girl with no talent and no virtues (Part 2)

The cheers lasted half a minute before they slowly faded.  Ye Yu Xi’s name had been deeply imprinted in the minds of everyone.

On the stage of the Alchemy Academy, the principal and vice principals looked at the devastated stage and they revealed bitter smiles.  There was Chu Tian Che last year and this year…..there was another troublesome freshman!”

“Principal, it’s time to give the rewards.”  An academy elder helplessly reminded.

“Elder Luo Sen, you can give the rewards this year.  I won’t throw in these old bones.”  The principal threw out a ring.

Elder Luo Sen who was past fifty nodded before standing up to leave.

The principal took a deep breath as he looked at Ye Yu Xi with a complicated gaze.  After all…..what kind of background did this girl have to make Bai Jin Yi care about her this much, not hesitating to use the right of the Medicine King Valley to increase the prize.


In the arena, the referee waited until the cheers subsided before jumping on the stage.

“Everyone, please quiet down.  Next is the final result of this year’s freshmen conference.  Ye Yu Xi versus Yuan Na, the winner is Ye Yu Xi!  Next, we ask the elders to present the prize to young miss Ye!”

The referee moved to the side and the wings on Luo Sen’s back flapped as he slowly landed on the arena.

Luo Sen wasn’t tall and his skin was dark, but his eyes were deep like they could see through one’s heart.

Feeling Luo Sen’s gaze, the spiritual energy in Ye Yu Xi’s body slowed down a bit.

“Ye Yu Xi!  Good, you’re young and promising!  If you keep cultivating for a few years, the academy will have to rely on you!”  Luo Sen gave Ye Yu Xi a grin before saying in a loud voice, “The champion of the freshmen conference will receive five thousand points from the academy and an earth grade spiritual skill.  Other than this, according to the traditions of the previous year, the first place can choose to join any guild.  Ye Yu Xi, do you want to make the decision now or listen to the conditions the guilds have for you?”

In front of everyone, Ye Yu Xi took a step forward and looked over the stands.  Ye Yu Xi knew that there were hundreds of guild masters that were watching her.

“Many thanks for the care of the guilds, but this little girl with no talent and no virtues will announce here……”  Ye Yu Xi stopped and looked over the crowd again, “That I will not join any guilds!”


Everyone was stunned!  One stone created thousands of waves and everyone fell into discussion!

“Ye Yu Xi, you have to think properly!  Once you miss this chance, you can’t get it back.”  Luo Sen saw that Ye Yu Xi made this “careless” decision and kindly reminded her.

Ye Yu Xi revealed a faint smile and said to Luo Sen, “Many thanks for the elder’s care, this little girl still has a few more things to say.”

Luo Sen nodded and helped Ye Yu Xi quite the crowd, “Everyone, be quiet, Ye Yu Xi has something else to say.”

Luo Sen already admired Ye Yu Xi, otherwise he wouldn’t have helped her quiet the crowd.

With her spiritual energy, Ye Yu Xi’s voice became more and more clear, “Starting tomorrow, I’ve decided to create a new guild called Blood Enchantress!  I sincerely invite anyone with lofty ideals to join!  The requirement to join is only those at the seventh spiritual level or above!”

Ye Yu Xi’s voice was clear, but there was only silence that answered her words.

Was Ye Yu Xi crazy from happiness?

Many second and third year students looked at Ye Yu Xi with complicated gazes.  Didn’t she know that she was openly challenging the older guilds?!

Chu Tian Che was called a genius two years ago, but he wasn’t this arrogant!

“Humph!  A freshman is acting this wild, requiring people to be at least in the seventh spiritual level.  Does she think that she’s on the same level as the five great guilds?”  A large man in the stands looked at Ye Yu Xi with unkind eyes.

The one who spoke was the leader of the Clear Sun Guild, Yang Xing Zhe!

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