Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 926

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Chapter 926: A little girl with no talent and no virtues (Part 1)

The lightning around Ye Yu Xi’s arm was so dazzling that people didn’t dare look at it.  The aura around her suddenly rose and it suppressed Princess Yuan Na’s.

Princess Yuan Na looked at Ye Yu Xi with a trace of fear in her eyes.  It was like Ye Yu Xi’s thin finger was like a wild beast!

“Brother Qi, brother Long, it seems like we were wrong.”  Bai Ran narrowed his eyes as he looked at the lightning around Ye Yu Xi’s arm.

“Earth grade spiritual skill, Rushing Thunder Fist.”  Long Wu said in a low voice.  Only Qi Yu Ze on the side was smiling without saying a thing, he was the one who helped Ye Yu Xi pick this spiritual skill.

Hearing Long Wu’s words, a bit of worry appeared in Yue Ling Shan’s eyes.  Earth grade spiritual skill, it cost at least ten thousand points.  Did Ye Yu Xi already know it, or…..did she exchange for it from the Treasure Pavilion?

On the stage.

Yuan Na’s legs trembled a bit when facing Ye Yu Xi.

The lightning around Ye Yu Xi’s arm was still condensing, the power of the thunder hadn’t reached its peak.  Princess Yuan Na couldn’t take it anymore.  Under the large pressure, the dirt yellow Beast Flame wrapped around her arm and with a roar, Yuan Na sent out her spiritual energy again.

“As long as I dodge her spiritual technique, first place is mine!”  Yuan Na knew this well in her heart, so with a sprinkle of large flames, she quickly ran off.

“Humph, small tricks.”  Ye Yu Xi’s eyes turned cold as she roared in her heart: Rushing Thunder!

Hong, hong, hong.

Ye Yu Xi charged at Yuan Na and there was a dragon of electricity around her arm, creating a large ravine in the tiles of the arena.

Purple Shadow Flash!

Ye Yu Xi released spiritual energy under her foot and moved even faster, instantly approaching Yuan Na.

Ye Yu Xi’s raised her arms and Yuan Na’s eyes were filled with despair!  I’m about to die……


With a roar of thunder, light exploded and it was so bright that no one could look at the stage.


A figure flew high up and landed on the ground on the side while twitching, as bolts of lightning flashed on her from time to time.

At the last second, Ye Yu Xi’s Rushing Thunder Fist didn’t hit Yuan Na.  If it had directly hit Yuan Na, with Yuan Na’s cultivation, she would have lost her life.

Ye Yu Xi’s fist had hit the tiles under Yuan Na’s foot, but even so, there were a few bolts of lightning that entered Yuan Na.  It instantly shocked her and the waves of spiritual energy had sent her flying.

The light gradually weakened and everyone slowly saw the stage again.

Everyone was silent.

One move, Ye Yu Xi had only used one move.  No one had thought that Ye Yu Xi’s single move would be this strong!

There was only half of the five hundred square meter arena left.  With a single Rushing Thunder Fist, a large hole had been created in the arena.

What kind of power was this?!  Earth grade spiritual skill?

Yu Ling on the side had his eyes opened wide!  He was certain that if Ye Yu Xi had used this spiritual skill before, he wouldn’t have had the slightest chance of winning!

Looking at Ye Yu Xi, Yu Ling gave a helpless smile.  He thought that his Spiritual Limb had forced out Ye Yu Xi’s trump card, but now it seemed like Ye Yu Xi was just warming up.

“Hey, hit me, am I dreaming?”


“I never said hit my face!”

“Let me try and see if I’m dreaming.  It seems like based on your reaction, it seems to be true……”

The sounds of discussion gradually appeared.

Ye Yu Xi!  Ye Yu Xi!

It was unknown who shouted her name first, but more and more people began chanting Ye Ye Xi’s name.

Ye Yu Xi bathed in the sun and listened to the deafening shouts as she revealed a smile.

Bai Jin Yi in the air was also smiling as those starry eyes looked down.  Ye Yu Xi, you are finally walking on the Purple Cloud Continent!

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