Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 912

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Chapter 912: Ye Yu Xi accepts the challenge (Part 2)

Yue Ling Shan revealed a faint smile.  She looked at Ye Yu Xi with eyes that could speak, she really was waiting to see what kind of trump card this girl had that could make Bai Tian Yu suffer!

In three minutes, there were several hundred people around the forty fourth arena.

At first most people came to see what the situation was since it was rare to see people who didn’t come.  If they really didn’t come, Luo Qing Chen would have to wear this hat.

But Ye Yu Xi came at the last second, so these people wanted to see what kind of person Ye Yu Xi was!

Ye Yu Xi looked at Fang Leng Qing and revealed a smile, “It’s best if you go down yourself, that saves me the trouble.”

Fang Leng Qing took a step back unconsciously from Ye Yu Xi’s gaze and her legs started trembling.

Such a wild tone!  The surrounding people heard Ye Yu Xi’s cold voice and their breaths became tense.  Without even releasing her spiritual energy, she wanted her opponent to get off, based on what?!  Fang Leng Qing was in the seventh spiritual level, no matter what, she wouldn’t just admit defeat, right?

Under the scorching sun, Fang Leng Qing felt like she was surrounded in ice.  While everyone watched, Fang Leng Qing slowly raised her hand, “I, I give up……”

Fang Leng Qing’s voice was very soft, but everyone who heard it had wide open eyes.  They were both in the seventh spiritual level, she was giving up without even using her skills?  Could it be that this Fang Leng Qing was invited by Ye Yu Xi…..

Such a dramatic scene, everyone had strange looks.  The referee on the side was also stunned.  What kind of situation was this?  The other side wasn’t here and now that they were here, they would win just by saying a few words?

“You at least are smart.”  Ye Yu Xi’s aura locked onto Fang Leng Qing slowly pulled back.

“Referee, you can end this fight now.”  Ye Yu Xi reminded the referee with a faint smile.

“Ah?  Oh, oh.”  The referee reacted and shouted from the stage, “Forty fourth arena, first round, third fight, Ye Yu Xi wins!”

The crowd fell into discussion.

In the stands not far away.

The inner court guild leaders saw this and a disciple from the inner court ran up, whispering in a person’s ear.

“Un?”  That guild leader’s eyes turned cold as he said in a slightly angry voice, “Have that Fang Leng Qing scram, our Wind Flame Gate doesn’t need trash!”

“Yes.”  That disciple retreated.

In another stand,

Yue Ling Shan had a smile on her face.  This Ye Yu Xi, she was more mysterious than she imagined!

“Shaming others without fighting, Beauty Mei’s eyes are sharp.  Long Wu, it seems like we’ve made a mistake.”  Bai Ran had an interested look in his eyes.  Ye Yu Xi….she was a bit interesting.

Long Wu narrowed his large eyes and didn’t say anything.

With everyone watching, Ye Yu Xi slowly got off the stage.  In just a bit, more than ten mental energy fell onto Ye Yu Xi.

Feeling the small actions of the guild leaders, Ye Yu Xi didn’t care.

“Master.”  Hei Feng Tian Zong gave Ye Yu Xi a big thumbs up, “Master, it will be hard not to become famous this time.”

In the square, there were many ways to defeat the opponent in one move, but only few people could make their enemies retreat with a few words!

People all cared about face, being scared off with a few words, how could they remain in the school from now on?

There were over a thousand freshmen fighting in these fifty arenas, the first round only ended when it was close to noon.

There were only four hundred people who remained.

Ye Yu Xi’s opponent in the second round was a large man.  To maintain her strength, she threw the other side off with just three moves.

Gradually, more and more guilds were interested in Ye Yu Xi.

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