Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 911

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Chapter 911: Ye Yu Xi accepts the challenge (Part 1)

“Ye Yu Xi!  Please come onto the stage to fight!  You will be disqualified if you don’t come onto the stage in three minutes!”

The referee’s voice was very loud with the infusion of spiritual energy, so the students in the surrounding arenas could hear this.

Ye Yu Xi?  Who was this?

Everyone broke out in whispers and the name Ye Yu Xi entered their world for the first time.

“Ye Yu Xi?  Beauty Yue, it seems like you’ll be disappointed today.”  Bai Ran listened to the referee’s words with a faint smile on his face.

“She’s actually not here?”  Yue Ling Shan was surprised.  She released her mental energy and she swept the arenas.  After a few seconds, she took her mental energy back, “She really isn’t here.”

The referee called out three times and no one replied.

“Tian Zong, what do we do?  The young miss is still cultivating in the tower, did she forget the time?”  Hei Sha had a worried look.  If it really didn’t look good, Hei Sha would fight for Ye Yu Xi.

“Just wait.  Young master Bai said that master would come, he shouldn’t be wrong.”  A trace of worry flashed in Hei Feng Tian Zong’s eyes.

If Ye Yu Xi didn’t come, then most of their plans would be ruined.

Time passed and the surrounding people began to talk.

Who was Ye Yu Xi?  Such a big show, not arriving after signing up for the freshmen conference.  The few people who knew Ye Yu Xi had complicated looks on their faces.

“Did something happen to young miss Ye?  Why is she missing such an important occasion?”  Xichen Luo Yu

“Luo Yu, who is that over there?”  Yan Hao on the side pointed at the forty fourth arena.

Xichen Luo Yu looked over before his eyes widened, “Fang Leng Qing?  Mingyue Sect’s Fang Leng Qing?!”

Yan Hao nodded before saying in a low voice, “I heard that Fang Leng Qing has the backing of an inner court guild, it can’t be that young miss Ye…..”

Yan Hao and Xichen Luo Yu both had worried looks.

More than a minute had already passed and Ye Yu Xi wasn’t here yet.

Fang Leng Qing stood in the arena and her clothes fluttered with the spiritual energy fluctuations.  Under the sun, she looked quite charming.

When she heard that her opponent was Ye Yu Xi, Fang Leng Qing’s face was pale.  Now it seemed like luck was with her, that slut Ye Yu Xi wasn’t here.

Looking around and seeing no trace of Ye Yu Xi, Fang Leng Qing calmed down.

The referee counted the time and gave a helpless sigh as he jumped onto the stage.

“Time is up and Ye Yu Xi isn’t here.  According to the rules, she will…..”

“Ye Yu Xi is here!”

A cold voice filled the square and everyone was shocked.

Even the freshmen on the stage fighting were distracted by this and were knocked down by their opponents.


A beautiful figure jumped into the arena and as soon as her voice fell, Ye Yu Xi was on the forty fourth arena.

“I shouldn’t be too late.”  Ye Yu Xi looked at the referee.

“No.”  The referee was a bit stunned by Ye Yu Xi’s beauty.  He never thought that Ye Yu Xi who hadn’t arrived was such a beauty!

“Then begin.”  Ye Yu Xi turned to her opponent and when she saw Fang Leng Qing, Ye Yu Xi slightly knit her brows.  Enemies really met on a narrow path.

“Ye Yu Xi, seventh spiritual level, Fang Leng Qing, seventh spiritual level!  Begin!”  The referee exited the arena.

“Beauty Yue, the person you were anticipating is here.”  Long Wu looked at Ye Yu Xi on the stage.  She did look a bit pretty, but there wasn’t anything special about her.

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