Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 900

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Chapter 900: Evil Emperor getting angry for a beauty (Part 1)


A figure appeared in front of Ye Yu Xi and the pressure disappeared.

“Bai Jin Yi?!”  Ye Yu Xi’s eyes widened as she looked at the back in front of her.

“I came late.”  Bai Jin Yi’s voice was cold and the eyes turned to Ye Yu Xi were even colder!

Elder Zhan holding the spear had his expression change.  He no longer wanted the spear as he moved backwards, looking at this man in front of him with fear, “You are the Evil, Evil Emperor!”


Bai Jin Yi pulled the spear out of his shoulder and threw it aside.  Those ice cold starry eyes stared at elder Zhan and he let the blood flow from his shoulder.

“Touching Ye Yu Xi, you must die.”  Bai Jin Yi slowly took a step forward.

Ye Yu Xi watched Bai Jin Yi’s back as her aura scattered and the three needles slowly came out.

“I didn’t hurt her, how about we……”


Bai Jin Yi suddenly disappeared before approaching elder Zhan.  He didn’t give elder Zhan a chance to explain as he sent out a palm.


Elder Zhan’s eyes dimmed as Bai Jin Yi’s palm widened in his eyes.

“Yellow Spirit Realm, good, very good!”  Bai Jin Yi’s face suddenly turned fierce!


With a palm blade, elder Zhan’s body was like tofu to Bai Jin Yi.  There was no resistance at all as Bai Jin Yi’s hand entered elder Zhan’s body.

“Uh……”  Elder Zhan looked at the hand in his chest in disbelief.  He looked up at Bai Jin Yi with eyes filled with shock, “Profound, Profound Spirit!  You actually broke through to the Profound Spirit Realm!”

“Die!”  Bai Jin Yi’s eyes burned with golden flames as the Empty Starry Night Flames came out.

Elder Zhan who was in the low Yellow Spirit Realm instantly turned into ashes.

A Yellow Spirit against a Profound Spirit, there was no chance of winning.

Bai Jin Yi still had his back to Ye Yu Xi, but his starry eyes were filled with rage.  He had left for a few days and Ye Yu Xi was forced to fight someone in the Yellow Spirit Realm!  This really was his mistake!


Feeling someone approach, Bai Jin Yi’s cold starry eyes turned over.

“Don’t move, you’re injured.”  Ye Yu Xi came to Bai Jin Yi’s side and crushed a pill as she gently applied it to his wound.


Another figure fell from the sky.

“Young master, are you alright?”  Shadow who had come late saw the surrounding battlefield before his eyes slightly contracted as he looked at Ye Yu Xi.  Perhaps only Ye Yu Xi could make the young master feel this worried.

He turned to look at elder Qiu in the pit and shadow realized what had happened.

“Shadow didn’t handle things properly, please punish me young master.”  Shadow fell onto one knee.

Bai Jin Yi had told shadow to take care of Ye Yu Xi, but he never thought……

Ye Yu Xi looked at Shadow on the ground and didn’t understand what shadow said this.

Looking at Bai Jin Yi’s dark face, Ye Yu Xi softly said, “I’m fine, I was just accidentally targeted by them at the auction house.”


A ball of flame appeared in Bai Jin Yi’s hand as his voice was filled with rage, “Where’s the King of Hell’s Palace’s branch in Sun Mound City!”

“Reporting, it’s at the Jade Mountain West Temple.”  Shadow said in a low voice.

Bai Jin Yi roared, “Call someone to destroy their branch in Sun Mound City for me!”

“Yes!”  Shadow jumped into the sky.

Shadow who had followed Bai Jin Yi all these years knew that his young master was truly angered this time!

Dragons had reverse scales and they would rage when they were touched.

The last time he was angered, the Evil Emperor destroyed a sect alone.

This time……

“I, I’m fine.”  Ye Yu Xi looked at Bai Jin Yi who was angry for her and there was a bit of warmth in her heart.

At that critical moment, Bai Jin Yi used his body to block the spear.  This was Ye Yu Xi’s first time feeling she could depend on someone.

Bai Jin Yi took a deep breath and the hostility on his face was slowly buried in his heart.  He looked at Ye Yu Xi with a gentler gaze, “Go back to the school first!  I’ll be back in a bit!”

After saying the last part, Bai Jin Yi’s eyes were filled with killing intent!

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