Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 90

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Chapter 90: Fatty going crazy

When the large man moved, Ye Wen immediately reacted.  She instantly pulled out the sword at her waist and thrust the tip towards the large man, guarding Qing’er from the side.

But although Ye Wen’s talent was good, she hadn’t been cultivating long enough and her strength wasn’t much stronger than Qing’er’s.  When she pulled out her sword, the boss had already charged to Qing’er’s side and was about to grab her.

At this critical point, a large figure appeared in front of Qing’er and grabbed the hand moving towards her, “Brother, if there is something wrong, we can talk it over.  Moving against a girl is not right!”


Qing’er recognized the back of the person in front of her, but she didn’t understand why there was the little monkey who had stolen from them several times.

Fatty raised his hand and threw the large man’s hand back.  He then turned his head around, “Qing’er, don’t be afraid. With this fat master here, no one should think of bullying you.”

The fatty calmly turned his head around, leaving a large opening in front of him.  The leading large man was in the fifth spiritual level and how could he let this chance go?  Raising his blade, he chopped at the fatty’s shoulder.

“Fatty, be careful!”  Ye Yu Xi warned. She wanted to save the fatty, but it was already too late.


The large blade was slashed at the fatty’s shoulder, but there was no blood that flew.  The large man with holding the blade looked at the scene in disbelief. His full strength slash had actually be stopped by a monkey’s hands.

The little monkey’s hands were actually unscathed!

Zhi, zhi~~Feeling pain, the little monkey’s cries echoed through the forest.  The little monkey’s voice was very sharp, Qing’er and the others with low cultivation unconsciously covered their ears.

When Ye Yu Xi gave her warning, the fatty already felt the large man’s movement.  Turning back and seeing the little monkey blocking the fatal blow for him, the fatty’s face instantly filled with rage, “You brat, you dared ambush me!  Fuck you!”

The fatty slashed out with his blade.  Infusing his spiritual energy into the blade, the ice cold blade in the fatty’s hand released a spiritual glow.


The blade in the large man’s hand was made from ordinary materials.  It had already lost its integrity from being destroyed by Bai Jin Yi from before.  When it collided with the ice cold blade, the blade shattered.

Seizing the opportunity after the slash, the fatty kicked out and landed a heavy kick on the stomach of the large man in front of him.

Putong!  The large man’s body flew over a meter and hit the ground face first.

The fatty followed him and stepped on the man in the chest.  His blade was pointed at the man’s throat and he snorted, “Brat, not everyone can by bullied by you!”  After saying this, the ice cold blade in his hand prepared to fall.

“Fatty, wait!”  Ye Yu Xi’s voice sounded.

“Un?”  The fatty had doubts in his heart, but since the boss spoke out, he could only stop his hands.

Ye Yu Xi came forward and picked up a card that fell to the ground.  This card was made of iron and copper and there was a “seven” on the front, as well as a dragon pattern engraved on the back.  Looking it over in her hand, Ye Yu Xi asked in an ice cold voice, “You work for the seventh prince?”

The man on the ground revealed a look of pain.  The fatty stepping on him was not just for show, he was using all his strength and he could not move under it.  Hearing Ye Yu Xi’s question, the man revealed a proud look, “I guess you’re smart. It’s smart to let me go, otherwise if you fight the Ice Mist Country royal family, it is the road to death!”

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