Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 91

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Chapter 91: Just use your mouth and it’s enough

The royal family?  He, he!

A cold smile flashed in Ye Yu Xi’s eyes.  Her palm came up and threw the card into the air.  With a cold light and a kacha sound, the card snapped in two and fell to the ground.

“You!”  The large man looked at this scene with eyes of disbelief.  Knowing that he worked for the seventh prince and still doing this, does this person believe that they could fight the entire royal family!

“Seventh prince?  Can he handle me!”  Before coming to the mountains, Ye Yu Xi had already made her decision.  After two months of training, she would rid herself of this waste reputation!

In her previous life, Ye Yu Xi was regarded as the world’s leading genius in medicine.  A sage of chinese medicine and superb acupuncture skills. In the assassins world, Ye Yu Xi was the king of assassins.  The legends say that the president was helpless when dealing with her and had to compromise with her.

The proud her would not accept the words waste on her head in any life!

Looking up at the sky, Ye Yu Xi had a firm look in her eyes.  The Purple Cloud Continent, I want you to tremble because of the three words Ye Yu Xi!

The fatty stepped on the large man as he looked over with his small eyes, “Boss, what should we do with this brat?  Do we chop him up or slash him?”

Ye Yu Xi had no expressions, “Release him.”

“Alright.  Ah?” The fatty could not react for a while.  He pointed his blade’s point at the large man on the ground, “Boss, this brat works for the seventh prince.”  After being with them for a few days, the fatty had heard of Ye Yu Xi’s matters with the seventh prince. But now the boss was letting these people go, wouldn’t it be letting the tiger back into his mountain?

Ye Yu Xi coldly looked at the large man on the ground, “Go back and tell the seventh prince that the things he has done, Ye Yu Xi will pay him over a hundred times back in the future!”

“You, you are Ye Yu Xi!”  The large man’s eyes had a strange look.  Shouldn’t Ye Yu Xi be a waste! How could it be possible that someone this powerful would help her!

Shua!  In front of the man’s strange eyes, a cold glow passed in front of his eyes before everything went dark.  “Ah——” The deep pain directly entered his brain.

Ye Yu Xi slashed her blade across the large man’s eyes who tumbled onto the ground screaming.  She said in a cold voice, “To send words, you only need to use your mouth.”

Bai Jin Yi looked at this scene in a sickly manner.  He thought about how decisive this girl was and how naturally and quickly her real killing intent could come out!  Having this kind of killing intent at this age, what kind of things had she experienced. Bai Jin Yi’s expressionless eyes slowly filled with more and more curiosity.

Ye Yu Xi ignored the large man rolling around in pain on the ground.  She looked over the several dozen people remaining and her eyes filled with a bit of anger, “Why don’t you scram yet!”

The stutterer who had been paying attention to the cold glowing blade in the fatty’s hand was the first to react, “Quickly, quickly bring big, big brother away, away.”

The several large man charged over and quickly ran away, with some even crawling away.

When the fatty saw the seventh prince’s men leaving, he reached out a hand to pat the head of the little monkey on his shoulder.  He laughed while saying, “Brother, it’s enough. You are my brother from now on.”

Ye Yu Xi calmed down and then looked at the monkey who was friendly with the fatty.  It raised her interest and she waved her hand, “Fatty, what is going on with the monkey on your shoulder?”  Ye Yu Xi clearly remembered that the fatty had angrily chased after it. With the fatty’s fiery temper, he would certainly chop it to death, but the fatty had brought it back alive.

While the fatty was still immersed in what the little monkey did before, the monkey was holding the half somewhat burnt roasted rabbit in its hands.  It sniffed it under its nose like a human before throwing it far away. It squatted on the stone and shouted at the fatty, as if it was saying, “These are burnt, not tasty, not tasty.”

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