Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 896

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Chapter 896: Ice Crystal Fire Phoenix (Part 1)

Phoenix bones, something that was on the treasure rankings!

Ye Yu Xi’s breathing became a bit fast.  Not only Ye Yu Xi, most people in the hall were shocked.  Just phoenix bones were rarely seen, not to mention remains.

“Old Zhan, this thing is ours……”

“If it is a complete Ice Crystal Fire Phoenix, there should be a Beast Flame inside.  We can’t give other people this thing!”

The possibility of owning the Phoenix Flame, this thing even interested the two mysterious people in the front row.


The large black cloth was lifted and the Ice Crystal Fire Phoenix inside was revealed.

The Ice Crystal Fire Phoenix was three meters tall and its feathers were covered in a layer of sky blue crystal.  Under the crystal, the flames seemed to be moving like it was alive, looking like it was a living being!

It was a complete remain!

The hall exploded again.

“Dragon master, dragon master?”  Ye Yu Xi called in her heart.

Long Xiao Pang in the chaotic space didn’t respond.

“Eleven million.”

Someone in the hall started bidding.

“Thirteen million.”

“Fifteen million.”

In a few breaths, the price was already climbing.

The auctioneer on stage looked at everyone with a smile, “Fifteen million going once, fifteen million going twice, fifteen……”

“Seventeen million.”

The two mysterious people in front finally made a bid.

Ye Yu Xi’s eyes turned cold.  This voice, it was actually him!  Hearing this “familiar voice”, Ye Yu Xi’s interest in the Ice Crystal Fire Phoenix weakened and a killing intent filled her eyes.

“Twenty million.”

Ye Yu Xi made a bid in a loud voice.

“Twenty one million.”


“Twenty five million!”

The Ice Crystal Fire Phoenix had ignited everyone’s blood.

“Old Zhan, let’s……”

Old Zhan’s eyes hidden by the cloak turned cold, “Thirty million!”  Old Zhan’s actions proved to everyone that he had to have this thing!

The price raised again.

Ye Yu Xi clenched her fists.  All the gold coins in her ring were only seventy million.  When the price was raised to thirty five million, Ye Yu Xi’s eyes turned cold, “Forty five million!”


The discussion in the hall suddenly stopped.

A single increase…..of ten million?  Was there a mistake!

Many people in the hall could afford forty to fifty million, but they had to consider it to raise the price by ten million.



The gray cloak wanted to increase this price, but old Zhan on the side stopped it, “Our task is to bring back the other thing.  We won’t rush for this thing, we’ll get it later.”

Old Zhan’s voice had a fierce tone to it.”

“Yes.”  The gray cloak released a faint mental energy fluctuation which headed in Ye Yu Xi’s direction.

Ye Yu Xi felt these, but she wasn’t afraid and let them try to test her.

The auctioneer looked over the crowd and loudly said, “Forty five million going once, forty five million going twice.”

“Forty seven million!”

An old voice called out.

“Fifty million!”


Everyone looked over.  It was that girl again and her voice was so young!  Which force was it!

Various thoughts filled everyone’s mind.

“Fifty million going once, fifty million going twice, fifty million going thrice!  Sold!”

The auctioneer brought the hammer down with a smile.  This Ice Crystal Fire Phoenix finally belonged to Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi revealed a smile.  This time her Dark Poison God’s Art would finally advance!

With everyone watching, Ye Yu Xi stood up and went to the exchange site.  She had already seen the list of items on sale and there was nothing that interested her.  Being able to buy the remains of a phoenix was already a pleasant surprise.

“Go bring the thing back.  After I buy that thing, I’ll immediately head over.”  Old Zhan waved his hand at the gray cloak.

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