Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 878

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Chapter 878: Treasure Pavilion (Part 2)

Entering the freshmen room, there were twenty tables there and each desk had a staff member answering questions for freshmen.

Ye Yu Xi chose a desk without anyone there.

“Hello, what consultation do you need?”  The staff member asked in a polite manner.

“How do freshmen exchange for things at the Treasure Pavilion?”

“Freshmen receive a free gold card to record points.  If you bring your student card, I can help you make a gold card now.”  The worker revealed a professional smile towards Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi took out her card.

The worker got up and left after telling her to wait.

In less than five minutes, the worker came back with a gold card and gave it to Ye Yu Xi with her student card.

“The academy gives a hundred points for free and an exchange manual, which records the points needed for various items.  After the points are used up, there are tasks announced by the academy and other people over there that you can complete to receive more points.”  The worker also handed a book to Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi looked at the gold card in her hand, it was similar to the gold card Mo Tian Chou gave her before.  There were spiritual energy fluctuations coming from it and the card itself had numbers on it.

Seeing the pitiful hundred points, Ye Yu Xi shook her head, not knowing what a hundred points could exchange for.

“Ba De has handed in Golden Water, mission complete.  Reward, five thousand points.”

When Ye Yu Xi walked out of the freshmen room, there was a sound that seemed mechanical that filled the hall.

With this announcement, the hall instantly exploded.

“The mission maniac Ba De has completed another mission, let’s go take a look.”

“Five thousand points.  Father has worked hard for two years to get two thousand and he gets five thousand at once.”


Ye Yu Xi narrowed her eyes.  Ye Yu Xi didn’t know this Ba De, but she knew that this Golden Water was!

Zi Ling liked metals and relied on consuming rare metals to evolve.  Ye Yu Xi had discussed this with Hei Feng Tian Zong and Long Xiao Pang, Zi Ling didn’t eat things like steel or profound iron, only something on the level of mithril could interest this Purple Spiritual Flashing Lightning Minx.

Golden water was something on the level of mithril and zinc gold, it was a rare kind of metal.

Seeing the hall become even more noisy, Ye Yu Xi shook her head and she didn’t follow the crowd as she left.


“Look, look, he’s coming out, the mission maniac is coming out.”

The doors of the exchange hall opened creating a commotion.

“He is Ba De?  This is my first time seeing him!”

Ba De was surrounded by people as soon as he came out and there were more and more people gathering.

Ba De looked at this crowd with knit brows.  Only this part of the Treasure Pavilion isn’t good, they would announce every high level mission that was completed.

Ke, ke!

Ba De revealed a serious expression and gave two coughs, releasing his aura and forcing back the crowd.

Ba De looked over the mission board and tapped his gold card on one.

“Ba De is searching for the Earth Core Jade Marrow, the reward is six thousand points.”

The mechanical sound rang out again.

Ba De was already used to this, it would be announced whenever he took a mission worth over one thousand points.

“Earth Core Jade Marrow, it’s actually the Earth Cord Jade Marrow!”

“That quest hasn’t been finished in two years, Ba De dares to take it?”

The crowd exploded again.

Ba De stretched his neck and his nose twitched, like he smelled something.  He ignored the envious looks around him and quickly left the Treasure Pavilion.

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