Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 845

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Chapter 845: Confession (Part 4)

Ye Yu Xi laid there for half an hour.

For her who had never been in love, she didn’t know what was love and she didn’t understand love.

But when Bai Jin Yi said those words, Ye Yu Xi could feel that her heart wasn’t against it!

Rather, there was even a bit of expectation.

Was it because she kept seeing Hei Feng Tian Zong and Hei Sha being together all day?

In the eyes of outsiders, Bai Jin Yi and Ye Yu Xi were already in a relationship.

But Ye Yu Xi was very clear in her heart that was just to cultivate the high earth grade Exquisite Wonder Technique.

There was no privacy in the cultivation technique world, but that was just in their mind.

It was the first time where they were both conscious…..

Peng, peng, peng.

Soft knocks came from the door.

“Master?  Young master Bai?”

Hei Feng Tian Zong was up early for once and had come to Ye Yu Xi’s room.

Ye Yu Xi fixed her clothes and stood up to open the door.

“Tian Zong, what is it?”  Ye Yu Xi looked at Hei Feng Tian Zong standing outside.

“Master, I’ve asked around.  The teachers gave us two days to let us buy things.”

“Buy things, buy what?”  Come in.”  Ye Yu Xi slightly knit her brows as she had Hei Feng Tian Zong come in.

“I’ve heard the people in the forest say that there are casualties among the freshmen in the past years, dying at the mouths of spirit beasts.  In the past few years, they’ve given the freshmen some time to prepare to gain information from each other and to form groups before going into the Spirit Beast Forest.”  Hei Feng Tian Zong immediately said.

Spirit Beast Forest?

“Tell me the specifics.”  Ye Yu Xi signaled for Hei Feng Tian Zong to sit down.

“That mountain range is called the Spirit Beast Forest.  In the past, after some freshmen who weren’t convinced of the seniors’ power were injured, they died after encountering spirit beasts.  The school has recently started given the freshmen time to prepare to minimize this situation in the past few years, allowing the students to form groups.”

“It seems like the Alchemist Academy is not as ruthless as I thought, at least it cares about the safety of its students.”  Ye Yu Xi revealed a smile.

“Un?  Where’s young master Bai?”  Hei Feng Tian Zong looked around and only saw Ye Yu Xi.

“He went out, don’t mind him.”  A strange look appeared in Ye Yu Xi’s eyes, “Where’s Hei Sha, she not with you?”

“Hei Sha said she was going out to take a look, she’ll be back soon.”

Speak of the devil.

“Young miss, I’m back.”  Hei Sha pushed open the door and came in.

“What is the situation outside?”  Hei Feng Tian Zong looked at Hei Sha.

“There is an auction today and quite a few people are going there.  There are also some people who have gone to the underground market.”  Hei Sha said.

Hei Feng Tian Zong looked back at Ye Yu Xi, “Master, I’ve heard that the underground market has quite a few good things.  I’ve always wanted to go back in Black Wind Town, but I never had a chance.  How about we go and take a look?”

Hei Feng Tian Zong revealed an expectant look.

“There’s nothing to do here, so let’s go out.”  Ye Yu Xi agreed to Hei Feng Tian Zong’s request.

She waved her hand at Zi Ling on the bed and Zi Ling jumped onto Ye Yu Xi’s shoulder.

With a flash of light, Huo Ling quickly appeared.

“Master, you promised to buy this treasure herbs.”

Zhi, zhi.

The Purple Spiritual Flashing Lightning Minx called out to Huo Ling.

“Humph, I’m not giving you anything to eat this time!”  Huo Ling turned his little head and ignored Zi Ling.

Leaving the room, Ye Yu Xi’s group of three attracted people’s gazes.

“Let’s go, we’ll go to the pharmacy first.”  Ye Yu Xi’s voice had a trace of helplessness.

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