Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 846

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Chapter 846: She’s not human (Part 1)

Slowly walking downstairs, there were much fewer people in the corridors and in the square.  Most people should have gone out to buy things.

“Young miss, when I went to investigate this morning, some people were already secretly pulling people in, they’ve already gathered several dozen people.  Should we also start finding some people beforehand?”  Hei Sha suggested in a small voice while following Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi looked at the few people in the square before shaking her head, “No need for now.  Quality over quantity, we just need to maintain absolute power and make those people not dare to offend us.  We don’t know what the bottom line of these people are, so let’s wait until we’ve observed them for some time in school before we discuss this.”

“I never thought that young miss Ye would really be here.”  Ye Zhi Qiu suddenly appeared in front of Ye Yu Xi.

“Oh?  It’s you guys?”  Ye Yu Xi looked at Ye Zhi Qiu in front of her.  It wasn’t just Ye Zhi Qiu, Yan Hao, Xiahou Yu Ruo, and Xichen Luo Yu were all following behind Ye Zhi Qiu.

“Young miss Ye, let’s talk.”  Ye Zhi Qiu made an inviting gesture.

Finding a corner without people, Ye Yu Xi turned to look at the four of them, waiting for them to talk.

“What is young miss Ye’s plans for the freshmen assessment?”  Ye Zhi Qiu lowered his voice as if something was on his mind.

Seeing their expressions, a trace of seriousness appeared in Ye Yu Xi’s eyes before she shook her head, “I don’t understand much about the Alchemist Academy, so I don’t have any plans for now.  You guys…..”

“We have investigated the situation and specially came to tell young miss Ye.”  Ye Zhi Qiu’s tone became even more mysterious.


Ye Yu Xu’s expression changed slightly as she used her eyes to tell Ye Zhi Qiu to continue.

“Does young miss Ye still remember Fang Leng Qing and Song Lan Er?”  Ye Zhi Qiu’s expression became serious.

“Of course I remember the two of them.  What, did they also pass the test?”  Ye Yu Zi revealed a smile.

Ye Zhi Qiu nodded as he looked towards Xiahou Yu Ruo on the side.

Xiahou Yu Ruo said with a smile, “I’ve heard that Fang Leng Qing has received the favour of a senior from the Dragon King Guild and Song Lan Er seems to have also found a backer.  The two of them have some grudge with young miss Ye, so they will cause trouble for young miss Ye in the future.”

Ye Yu Xi wasn’t worried at all, “Many thanks for your warning.”

“Young miss Ye, we know that you are strong, but this isn’t the Ice Mist Country.  I’ve asked around and the heads of the five great guilds in the inner court are all in the ninth spiritual level, with unfathomable strength.  Young miss Ye should be a bit more careful.”  Ye Zhi Qiu reminded Ye Yu Xi.

“Does miss Ye have a guild that she’s planning to join?  With miss Ye’s strength, you can even enter the five great guilds.”  Xichen Luo Yu said.

“No need, I don’t like being under others.  Although the Ice Mist Country is small, no one is allowed to bully it!”  Ye Yu Xi’s face turned cold before she cupped her hands to them and turned to leave.

“Ye…..”  Ye Zhi Qiu watched Ye Yu Xi leave and his words were choked back by Ye Yu Xi’s aura.

“Based on Ye Yu Xi’s meaning, she wants to make her own power.  What do we do?”  Xiahou Yu Ruo smiled as she looked at everyone.

Xichen Luo Yu was silent with Yan Hao.  Ye Zhi Qiu thought for a bit, “No matter what, it’s important to pass the freshmen trial first.  With Ye Yu Xi’s talent, perhaps she really could create a foothold in the Alchemist Academy.”

They watched Ye Yu Xi leave, not saying a word.

This was the Alchemist Academy where there were plenty of experts.

Ye Yu Xi brought the two of them out the courtyard.

When they reached the street, Ye Yu Xi suddenly asked, “Tian Zong, the five great guilds that they mentioned, how much do you know about them?”

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