Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 824

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Chapter 824: Wind rising and clouds forming (Part 1)

They walked for several hours and when it was noon, they stopped to rest.

“Huo Ling, go up and take a look.”  Long Xiao Pang pointed at the sky.

“Un?  Look at what?”  Huo Ling was a bit confused.

“Go and see if there’s anyone in the distance, see if there is any wind.”  Long Xiao Pang said.

Huo Ling flapped his wings and flew up.

“Boss, young master Bai, is that pill really finished?”  The fatty looked at Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi with eyes filled with curiosity.

“Un.”  Bai Jin Yi took out a white jade bottle to show to everyone.

The white jade bottle shook in Bai Jin Yi’s palm.

“This pill is alive?”  Hei Feng Tian Zong was shocked.

“Un, there was a little accident and the pill’s quality was raised.”  Long Xiao Pang casually said as he looked around.

A little accident……

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay.  What kind of accident could raise the quality of a pill……


Huo Ling fell down from the sky, “Little human ginseng, I’ve looked around.  There is nothing other than sand.”

“Everyone spread out.  No matter what happens next, don’t come over.”  Long Xiao Pang warned everyone.

Other than Ye Yu Xi and Long Xiao Pang, the others spread and moved a hundred meters away.

“Begin.  Little girl, let’s stand a bit further away.”

The two stood on a sand dune to the side, looking at Bai Jin Yi several meters away.

Bai Jin Yi was sitting cross legged as he slowly put the pill to his mouth.

After swallowing the Scarlet Disaster Pill, Bai Jin Yi could feel the pill struggling in his mouth.

A serious look appeared on his face and the pill was wrapped in spiritual energy as it was swallowed.


A clear sound rang in Ye Yu Xi’s ears.

“It’s beginning.”  Long Xiao Pang heard this sound and his face became a bit serious.

Bai Jin Yi’s aura solidified and he slightly knit his brows.


Spiritual energy came out of Bai Jin Yi and spread in all directions.


Ye Yu Xi felt the wind hitting her, mixed with a bit of sand, but even more in there was spiritual energy!

“Little girl, we’ll retreat based on the situation.  The location we’re in now might not be too safe.” Long Xiao Pang’s eyes kept staring right at Bai Jin Yi.

Shua, shua.

Spiritual energy came from Bai Jin Yi and it became faster and stronger.  It was transparent at first, but it turned white and gradually it was covered in gold.

The gold was like ripples, like small waves on the breeze.

“This is bad, quickly retreat!”  Long Xiao Pang felt the spiritual energy suddenly increase and his expression changed.

Sou, sou.

Huo Ling was on Ye Yu Xi’s back and Ye Yu Xi held Long Xiao Pang as they quickly moved backwards.

They moved over a hundred meters away, while watching Bai Jin Yi in the “small” circle.


There was a dull sound that could be heard clearly several miles away.

Hong, hong, hong!

This sound kept ringing out, like there was something exploding inside Bai Jin Yi.

Bai Jin Yi’s aura began to swell.

Low ninth spiritual level, middle, high, peak!

Bai Jin Yi began rising into the air as white wings with golden tiger marks appeared on his back.


A ten meter long spiritual energy tiger was on the ground as it suddenly roared into the sky!

A white light came out of the tiger’s mouth and slammed into Bai Jin Yi’s body.

Feeling this spiritual energy, a golden light was released from Bai Jin Yi.

His aura increased again.  The Yellow Spirit Realm, low, middle, high, peak!

“Such a powerful inheritance!”  Long Xiao Pang watched the distant Bai Jin Yi and spoke in an emotional voice.

Wind rising and cloud forming!

The sky that was completely empty began to have white “clouds” gathering.

Those clouds were centered around Bai Jin Yi and kept growing bigger.

Long Xiao Pang looked up at the clouds above Ye Yu Xi’s head and his face changed again, “Tell them to run now!”

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