Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 825

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Chapter 825: Wind rising and clouds forming (Part 2)

“Quickly retreat!”  Ye Yu Xi said in her mind to the others as she quickly moved backwards.

After flying out a thousand meters, she finally stopped.

Looking at Bai Jin Yi a thousand meters away, Ye Yu Xi was shocked!

The cloud had reached several hundred meters with Bai Jin Yi in the center.  An area of five hundred meters was already covered by the cloud.

Such strong pressure!

Cold sweat appeared on Ye Yu Xi’s forehead.  If she was late by even half a minute, she would have been pressed down by the pressure, unable to move at all.

Long Xiao Pang let out a long breath, “This place should be safe.  Little girl, properly appreciate Xiao Bai’s aura, it will be of help to your cultivation.”

Ye Yu Xi nodded.  The instant the cloud had gathered, Ye Yu Xi could already feel her spiritual energy being slightly irritated.

Hong long.

Turmoil filled the clouds as lightning flashed in them.

The seal Long Xiao Pang had put on Bai Jin Yi had already been broken by the Scarlet Disaster Pill and now Bai Jin Yi was refining the mental energy in the pill.

This was Bai Jin Yi’s first time taking a pill equal to the seventh grade, so he was very careful with each detail.

He refined the mental energy in his body bit by bit.

Under Bai Jin Yi, the ten meter long and four meter tall spiritual energy tiger on the ground became even more solid.

The sky fell silent once again.

The several hundred meter cloud didn’t move and the aura around Bai Jin Yi and the spiritual energy tiger completely stopped.

It was like time froze at that moment.

Several thousand meters away.

Hei Feng Tian Zong and Hei Sha were together, looking in Bai Jin Yi’s direction.

“Yi?  Why is it so silent?”  Hei Feng Tian Zong looked at the cloud in the sky.

“I’ll go take a look.”  Spiritual energy wings gathered on Hei Sha’s back and she flew into the sky.

Sha, sha, sha, sha.

Ye Yu Xi kept looking forward without turning.  Bai Jin Yi wasn’t moving, but the sand was moving!

Under the solid pressure, the sand under Bai Jin Yi began to churn as it slowly “moved”.

After a short pause, the sand dunes turned faster and faster as large amounts of sand kept moving in all directions, forming a vortex after a bit.


The spiritual energy tiger under Bai Jin Yi gave an angry roar.  Bai Jin Yi’s expression didn’t change as he slowly floated down onto the tiger’s head, still sitting cross legged.

Hong long long, hong long long.

Suddenly the sky was overcast!

“Heavenly disaster!”  Long Xiao Pang’s eyes became serious.  He gauged the distance, but didn’t have Ye Yu Xi retreat.

Each time one’s cultivation increased above the ninth spiritual level, it was defying the heaven to change one’s fate, which the heaven and earth didn’t accept.  So starting from the Yellow Spirit Realm, each breakthrough meant facing a heavenly disaster.

If one passed it, everything was fine.  If one didn’t pass, it meant being turned to dust.

This was why there were many talents on the Purple Cloud Continent, but pitifully few people who were truly strong.

Above the Yellow Spirit Realm, more than half the people died at the hands of the heavenly disaster!


The spiritual energy tiger’s evil eyes flashed golden and it faced the thunder clouds without any fear.


The tiger gave an angry roar and challenged heaven’s might.

Hong long long.

The clouds churned and there was no light at all.

The cloud gathered by Bai Jin Yi had already been completely swallowed by the thunder clouds.


Bai Jin Yi suddenly opened his eyes and they began to glow.  He looked up at the sky with the tiger and his eyes were filled with madness.


A bolt of lightning fell, but it didn’t hit Bai Jin Yi.  It landed on a sand dune and created a large hole.

“Humph, you only have this bit of skills?!”  Madness filled Bai Jin Yi’s eyes. With a wave of his hand and a golden dragon spun around his arm as it continued growing bigger, charging at the thunder clouds in the sky.

Long Xiao Pang was shocked.  Did Xiao Bai not want to live?  He even took the initiative to provoke this thing?!

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