Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 80

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Chapter 80: Father is from the Dragon Snake Gang (Part 2)

Very soon, Ye Yu Xi’s figure moved again and she moved to where Qing’er was.  Qing’er’s cultivation was not high and they were surrounded by several large men, so it would disadvantageous to them in just a few rounds.

Shua, shua, shua!

Ye Yu Xi moved around like a death god.  These men had strong muscles, but under Ye Yu Xi’s blade, they were like straw and the blade was like death.  Each movement of Ye Yu Xi’s blade caused another blood mark to appear on a large man’s neck.

Ye Yu Xi’s cloak slipped during the fight, revealing her beautiful face.

There were only four-five men left of the several dozen.  The reason why these men were still alive was because they did not surround Qing’er, so they were far away from the kill zone.

“It’s, it’s the Ye Manor’s waste!”  A large man’s sharp eye recognized Ye Yu Xi, but his trembling legs revealed the fear in his heart.

With a gaze from Ye Yu Xi, he directly peed his pants.

The Dragon Snake Gang’s third brother who was sent flying by Ye Yu Xi’s kick before slowly came over.  He slapped the man who peed his pants and cursed, “Look at you, a waste of a girl scared you enough for you to pee your pants.”

“Third, third brother, you’re the strongest here.  You’ll, you’ll definitely be able to beat that, that waste.”  A large man squeezed out a smile as cold sweat continued to pour down his face.  He swallowed a mouthful of saliva with great difficulty.

Ye Yu Xi moved very softly and her voice returned to normal.  Her tone was soft, but very cold, “I am very angry……”

“Die!”  The third brother had a grim face as he charged forward.  A pair of fists flew at Ye Yu Xi. He was confident since his fists could even smash rocks.  As long as he could touch Ye Yu Xi, he would certainly kill this waste.

Ye Yu Xi moved slightly and the dagger drooping down suddenly shot out.  It was so fast that it turned into a streak of light.


The knife from top to bottom was inserted into the large man’s heart.  The last words the man heard was Ye Yu Xi’s calm anger, “I’m actually only worth ten thousand gold coins…..So, I’m angry.”

In a single round, the strongest third brother of the Dragon Snake Gang went to see the king of hell.

“Ghost, ghost!”  The remaining few man called out in fear as they turned to run!

They ran several dozen meters in the blink of an eye.

Shua, shua, shua!

Ye Yu Xi stood in place and those men running away lost their lives with a single knife glow.

“Strength in the fifth spiritual level.  For your age, you could be considered a genius.”  Li Yong took care of the last man with a single slash and then used the man’s clothes to wipe the blood on the blade.

“The seventh prince’s people?”  One of Ye Yu Xi’s brow jumped up.  She had felt someone following her since the auction hall, coming the entire way.  Of the enemies from the auction hall, it was clear Li Zhi Han couldn’t afford this kind of expert, so there was only the seventh prince remaining.

Li Yong walked step by step towards Ye Yu Xi.  With each step, his aura increased a level. Qing’er stood behind Ye Yu Xi and even with Ye Yu Xi withstanding most of Li Yong’s aura, Qing’er could feel that the spiritual energy depth of the man approaching the young miss was like the peak of a tall mountain.

“Take out the map and I can spare you.”  Li Yong revealed a smile, but there was an indescribable threat in his voice.

“Young miss, don’t believe him!”  Qing’er paid attention to Li Yong’s smile.  She had seen this smile before on the faces of people in the Ye Manor.  When they had this smile, nothing good happened.

A clear breeze blew the hair in front of Ye Yu Xi.  Ye Yu Xi narrowed her eyes, “Since you’ve seen my face, you must die……”

Ye Yu Xi suddenly released all her aura and a wild wind like pressure spread in all direction from beneath Ye Yu Xi.

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