Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 81

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Chapter 81: You…..win

The surrounding grass began to bend down from the pressure.  Qing’er felt the pressure coming from the young miss and she moved back several steps.  She was ashamed in her heart, the young miss was actually this strong!

Li Yong was also shocked.  Was this girl really the waste young miss Ye Yu Xi the seventh prince cancelled the engagement with!  This pressure, this aura, it was almost not below his!

The two of them shot out at the same time and clashed with each other.


The blades met, letting out a sharp sound.

With her attack failing, Ye Yu Xi sent a palm blade at Li Yong’s neck.

Li Yong always followed the seventh prince, so he was experienced in battle.  When their blades met, his hand already grabbed Ye Yu Xi’s waist. He suddenly threw Ye Yu Xi out, also taking care of her attack.

When Ye Yu Xi was flying in the air, her spiritual energy was cycling, fighting off the energy that entered her body.  Even like this, Ye Yu Xi was thrown more than ten meters away.

“Expert!”  Ye Yu Xi was surprised as she found this person was different from the Zhao Family’s Head she had killed.  The person in front of her had deep spiritual energy and fast responses, he was certainly an expert with battle experience!

Since coming to this world, this was the first time Ye Yu Xi smelled the scent of death.

“Take out the hidden treasure map and I can leave you a complete corpse.”  Li Yong raised the cold blade in his hand. From the exchange just now, he could already tell that although Ye Yu Xi’s cultivation was high, her spiritual energy was raised by external factors.  It wasn’t cultivated by herself, so it was far weaker than his.

However, Ye Yu Xi had this kind of cultivation at her age, she would certainly be trouble in the future.  This person definitely could not remain!

Ye Yu Xi’s eyes was cold as ice as her spiritual energy began to cycle.  She was aware that if things continued this way, she would certainly be defeated.  Approaching death, Ye Yu Xi’s eyes revealed a bloodthirsty glow as all her spiritual energy entered the Soul Devourer Blade in her hand.  She would go all out!


An even more wild aura was released by the two of them as they charged out at the same time.

In that instant, it was as if the surroundings turned silent.  Ye Yu Xi only had the enlarged Li Yong and the surrounding area was completely silent.

When the two pressures met, Ye Yu Xi and Li Yong changed positions and the pressure from them were completely dispersed.

Di, da, di, da.

Blood flowed from Ye Yu Xi’s palm, dribbling off the blade onto the ground.

“You…..win.”  Li Yong used his remaining strength to say these final two words.  The wound on his throat gradually spread before he fell to the ground.  He was still tightly holding that ice cold blade in his hand.

“Young miss, you’re injured!”  Qing’er quickly ran over and looked over the injury on Ye Yu Xi’s hand.

“I’m fine, go and take that blade.”  Ye Yu Xi’s wound came from her own spiritual energy and was not that important.

Qing’er carefully walked over to Li Yong’s side and carefully used her toes to kick Li Yong’s corpse.  Confirming that Li Yong was dead, she boldly took the ice cold blade and complained to the young miss, “Young miss, this blade is so heavy.”

“Bring it back and give it to the fatty.”  Ye Yu Xi’s spiritual energy was very weak. With a spiritual light flashing in her hand, she threw a Purple Spirit Pill into her mouth to supplement his spiritual energy.

When she fought with the fatty in the cave, Ye Yu Xi found that although the fatty’s cultivation was in the fourth spiritual level, his speed was comparable to a sixth spiritual level expert.

In terms of speed, fatty’s talent could be considered a gift from the heavens.  It was also because of this that Ye Yu Xi changed her heart and decided to keep the fatty.

But with Ye Yu Xi’s personality, daring to bully my people (bird), chopping you up is already going easy on you!

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