Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 798

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Chapter 798: Secret of the Sand Gold mine

Ye Yu Xi didn’t have time to waste here.

According to the elder and Ma Luo’s directions, the sandstorm was around two days away from the village.

The one the elder sent to guide Ye Yu Xi was Ma Luo and he said very little on the way there.

After traveling for half a day, Ye Yu Xi’s group stopped to rest on a sand dune.

The starry sky still didn’t change.  Ye Yu Xi laid on her blankets and carefully sensed the starry sky’s interaction with the Starlight Body.

Bai Jin Yi was naturally lying to Ye Yu Xi’s side.  If it wasn’t for the nearby Ma Luo, it would have been a world for just the two of them.

“You should know the identity of those people, right?”  Bai Jin Yi said in a soft voice.

“King of Hell’s Palace.”  Ye Yu Xi kept looking into the night sky.

“You’re not angry?”  There was a trace of surprise in Bai Jin Yi’s voice.

“Being angry won’t save them.”  Ye Yu Xi honestly said.

How could Ye Yu Xi not be angry?  But in front of absolute power, being angry had no use at all.

Everything would only work if she had enough strength.

“Why would the King of Hell’s Palace’s people set their eyes on this place?”  Ye Yu Xi was a bit confused.

The Sand Gold mine……Although it was the main ingredient in making gold coins, but in terms of money, would a power like the King of Hell’s Palace lack money?  Ye Yu Xi didn’t believe it!

Bai Jin Yi looked over at Ma Luo to the side before saying in a low voice, “The King of Hell’s Palace doesn’t lack money, they are doing this for Zinc Gold.”

“Zinc Gold.”  Ripples appeared in Ye Yu Xi’s eyes.

“Un, in a gold mine, there is a chance of hitting Zinc Gold, but it is a small chance.”  Bai Jin Yi said.

Ye Yu Xi was a bit shocked.  Zing Gold’s rareness far surpassed other golds.  If one were to add a bit during refining, the grade of the weapon would increase by a level.  No wonder the King of Hell’s Palace set their eyes on this.

The two gradually fell asleep.

In the morning, Ye Yu Xi was woken up by Long Xiao Pang.

When she opened her eyes, she saw that Bai Jin Yi had already packed up and was standing there looking at her.

Ye Yu Xi sat up without any expression.  After eating some things, they set off again.

After a day.

“If we keep heading forward, we’ll reach the area with the sandstorm.”  Ma Luo pointed forward.

Long Xiao Pang put his head to the ground to listen to movements under the ground before giving a nod to Ye Yu Xi.

Ma Luo was right.

“Alright, we can go by ourselves for the rest of the way.  Be careful when you’re heading back. Ye Yu Xi gave Ma Luo a few waterskins and some food.

Ma Luo responded before separating from them.

There was a faint breeze and some sand was blown into their faces.

“Little girl, put the little minx in the space.”  Long Xiao Pang looked at Ye Yu Xi’s sleeve.

Ye Yu Xi nodded, “Dragon master, where is the entrance to the residence?”

“In sandstorm.  Last time I drilled in from underground, but this time…..we can only rely on you two to break in.”  Long Xiao Pang looked forward, but his line of sight was blocked by several large sand dunes and he couldn’t see far.

Digging in……

Ye Yu Xi helplessly shook her head.  This kind of move was only something Long Xiao Pang could think of.

“The wind is getting bigger.”  After passing another sand dune, Bai Jin Yi suddenly spoke.

Ye Yu Xi carefully sensed the area and as expected, there was more sand grains in the air!

“Little girl, call out Huo Ling.  I imagine we’ll need Huo Ling’s help later.”  Long Xiao Pang tightly held Ye Yu Xi’s clothes, afraid that the wind would blow him away.

Huo Ling suddenly appeared on Ye Yu Xi’s shoulder before the three people and one bird continued moving forward.

“Huo Ling, go up and look to see if there is a sandstorm ahead.”  Ye Yu Xi said to Huo Ling.

“Oh.”  Huo Ling flew right into the air.

After a while, Huo Ling’s voice rang out.

“Master, there is.  It’s so high~~” Huo Ling’s voice was a bit surprised.

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