Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 797

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Chapter 797: Gold Sand Village (Part 2)

“The three elders are in charge of the village right now.”  Lin Zi Yao quickly said.

Lin Zi Yao called two of his clansmen to take care of the village head and brought Ye Yu Xi back to the empty space in the village to find the elders.

The fatty had given all kinds of food to the residents of Gold Sand Village, gaining their favourability.

“Elder, young miss Ye is looking for you for something.”  Lin Zi Yao came up behind the elder.

“Un?”  The elder looked up at Ye Yu Xi and said in a deep voice, “Does miss Ye need something?”

“Your village head has already been healed.”  Ye Yu Xi said these shocking words.

Everyone who heard these words looked over at Ye Yu Xi.

Silence……Everyone was silent……

“It’s true!  The village head’s poison has already been cured by young miss Ye.”  Lin Zi Yao saw everyone had looks of disbelief and quickly backed up Ye Yu Xi.

“Zi Yao, is this true?  The village head’s injuries, is it really better?”  The elder’s eyes looked at Lin Zi Yao.

Lin Zi Yao gave a strong nod.


The elder fell down in front of Ye Yu Xi, “Many thanks for young miss’ grace.  We’ve been rude before and slighted the young miss, we hope the young miss does not mind.”

When the elder kneeled down, the others all kneeled to Ye Yu Xi and said, “Many thanks for young miss’ grace.”

“Get up.  Where are the other two elders?  I have something to discuss with you.”  Ye Yu Xi looked around and there seemed to be only one elder.

“The other two elders are in the mine collecting Sand Gold ores with the others.  Miss Ye can just talk to me if you need something.” The elder stood up.

Ye Yu Xi looked around.  Indeed there were only old people and children here, other than Lin Zi Yao’s group, there were no other men.

They went to the gathering hall of the village.

“We came this time mainly to see the sandstorm.  I heard from Ma Luo that you have some information on the sandstorm, so I wonder if you can tell us about it?”  Ye Yu Xi spoke very directly.

“Sandstorm…..”  The elder hesitated a bit.

“I will have people stay here.  When those people come in a few days, my people will take care of them.”

The elder looked over at Lin Zi Yao.

Lin Zi Yao nodded, this was perhaps their villages only chance to escape this bitter trial.

“Alright!”  The elder agreed with a nod before saying, “Young miss Ye, I won’t hide it from you, the sandstorm is in our forbidden area and no one in the clan is allowed to enter.  We had no other choice this time and wanted to go in to see if there were gold ores, causing us to find the sandstorm.”

The elder spoke the truth.

Ye Yu Xi gave a nod to let the elder continue.

“The sandstorm is very strong and we can’t approach at all with our cultivations, so at most we can send someone to bring you close to it.”  The elder said.

“That’s fine.”

After they finished discussing this, Ye Yu Xi called the fatty and the others over.

“Boss, when are we setting off?”  The fatty came over.

Hei Feng Tian Zong on the side was also excited.  A sandstorm, this was something rarely seen!

“You’re staying here.”  Ye Yu Xi looked at them.


The fatty and Hei Feng Tian Zong’s faces instantly collapsed.

“Boss, weren’t we going to find the sandstorm?”  The fatty’s voice had a trace of unwillingness.

“I can go by myself.  Those people will come back for the gold ores in a few days, you’ll stay to take care of them.”  Ye Yu Xi said.

“Little girl, bring Bai Jin Yi with you.”  Long Xiao Pang’s voice sounded in Ye Yu Xi’s mind.

Ye Yu Xi looked at Bai Jin Yi and the latter looked at her with a faint smile.

“Master, when are you leaving?”


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