Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 799

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Chapter 799: Seeing the Sand Tower

“How far is it?”  Ye Yu Xi’s eyes lit up.

“Wu…..It’s still quite far.  One, two, three, four……There are still quite a few sand dunes.”  Huo Ling honestly said.

Hearing Huo Ling’s answer that wasn’t an answer, Ye Yu Xi gave up on asking anything else and had Huo Ling come down.

“Let’s move quicker.”

Long Xiao Pang went into the chaotic space and Huo Ling’s two little claws tightly held Ye Yu Xi’s shoulder.

Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi turned into two shadows as they charged forward.

The wind became bigger and bigger.

It reached the point that yellow sand filled the sky.

Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi had no choice but to use Huo Ling to block them, stopping all the sand in front of them.

“This is a sandstorm?”  Ye Yu Xi said to Long Xiao Pang in her mind.

Compared to what Ye Yu Xi expected, it was much better.

“It’s far from it!  Little girl, this is just the beginning.  When you see the Sand Tower, you’ll be close.”  Long Xiao Pang replied in Ye Yu Xi’s mind.

Sand Tower……

Ye Yu Xi looked around, but there was only sand and not a trace of the Sand Tower.

Hu, hu, hu.

Passing another seven-eight sand dunes, the wind became even stronger.

The sand in the wind slapped their faces, feeling like a blade slashing across them!

“In front.”  Bai Jin Yi’s starry eyes focused and he stopped moving.

Ye Yu Xi also stopped and looked forward, as her heart filled with a bit of surprise.

This was……a tornado?!

Ye Yu Xi looked at countless sand grains being raised by wild wind that formed into a spiral into the sky.

Even being over a thousand meters away from the tornado, Ye Yu Xi could feel how terrifying the wind was!

Anyone under the sixth spiritual level, one would be directly shredded by these winds!

Sand Tower, it really was a Sand Tower!

Ye Yu Xi looked at the sand in the distance.  It reached a hundred meters and at a first glance, it seemed like a tower into the heavens made of sand.

“Little girl, don’t be stunned now.  Let the little dumb bird fuse with you and charge in.  There is a wall of wind, the inside is different from the outside.”   Long Xiao Pang urged Ye Yu Xi in her mind.

With a flash of red light, fire red wings appeared on Ye Yu Xi’s back.

Bai Jin Yi’s golden wings also gathered on his back.

The two looked at each other and flew forward close together.


One red and one gold light charged at the Sand Tower.

Pa, pa, pa.

Wind filled with large amounts of wind slapped against them, blowing Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi’s bodies crooked.


A golden flame appeared around Bai Jin Yi and he stabilized.  He seized this chance to grab Ye Yu Xi’s hand.

“Move faster.”  Bai Jin Yi’s voice sounded in Ye Yu Xi’s mind.

Long Xiao Pang didn’t know how deep the wind wall in the sky was.  Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi flew for an entire five minutes and they still hadn’t broken through!

Ye Yu Xi looked behind her and it was also filled with sand.

“It seems there is a bit of a problem.”  Ye Yu Xi said to Bai Jin Yi in her mind.

“Un?”  Bai Jin Yi held Ye Yu Xi’s hand as he continued flying forward.

“Are we really flying forward?”  Ye Yu Xi hesitantly said.

A trace of spiritual energy appeared around Bai Jin Yi and the two shook.  Bai Jin Yi quickly used his cultivation technique and stabilized himself, “You’re saying that we’re not moving in a straight line?”

Ye Yu Xi nodded.  Only Ye Yu Xi felt that she wasn’t certain.

Wu, wu~~

Faintly, the sound of crying appeared and mixed with the sound of the wind blowing.

In the beginning, the two didn’t notice, but the sound became louder and louder.

The scene in front of them became a bit blurry.

“This is bad, we’re in a trap.”  Bai Jin Yi’s expression changed. His eyes opened wide and golden flames appeared in his pupils, but he couldn’t see through the wall of wind.

Ye Yu Xi’s lips quivered.  Hearing this sobbing sound, Ye Yu Xi’s throat felt a bit itchy.

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