Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 736

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Chapter 736: Exposing oneself

Finally they were here.

The third prince gently waved the fan in his hand.

“Ye Yu Xi, isn’t that the seventh prince’s fiancee?”

“Didn’t Ye Yu Xi already die in Ningyuan City?  Why did she suddenly appear?”

A few ministers who didn’t understand the situation made guesses.

Ke, ke.

Ming Yue Lian gave gentle coughs and visible spiritual energy filled the hall, instantly causing it to fall into silence.

The ministers with weak cultivations broke out in cold sweat from just this cough!

While these people were discussing the matter of someone else’s marriage, Jia Qiong’s master was sitting above!

“After not being active for a few years.”  Ming Yue Lian slowly stood up, “The Mingyue Sect is not something anyone can bully!”


“Ye Yu Xi, I will have a duel to the death with you!”

Jia Qiong with the sword in her hand looked very imposing.  She stood on the stage pointing at Ye Yu Xi on the wall, looking quite powerful.

When Ye Yu Xi wanted to move.

“Young miss, give Jia Qiong to me.”  Ye Wen’s voice rang in Ye Yu Xi’s mind.

“Be careful.”  Ye Yu Xi looked at Jia Qiong.


Ye Wen flew out in the blink of an eye.

“Ye Yu Xi, what kind of act is this, not daring to face me!”  Jia Qiong’s eyes burned with the flames of rage.

Behind Jia Qiong, quite a few people had come out to watch the chaos. 

“Against you, there is no need for my young miss to make a move.”  Ye Wen softly replied.

“Who are you?”  Jia Qiong pointed with her sword.

“Me?”  Ye Wen revealed a sly smile, “I am a small person from Ningyuan City the young miss saved, I am only a small member of Blood Enchantress.”


Even the sounds of leaves falling could be heard.

A little peon dared to mock the Ice Mist Country’s number one genius Jia Qiong?!

Was this a dream!

Gezhi, gezhi!

Jia Qiong’s cheeks moved slightly as she gritted her teeth.

Ye Wen seemed to be exposing herself, but no one was laughing at Ye Wen.  Their eyes had all fallen onto Jia Qiong.

“Good, very good!”  Jia Qiong’s heart was already consumed with rage, “I want to see what kind of skills your Blood Enchantress has!”


Jia Qiong turned into a shadow as her sword stabbed out at Ye Wen’s chest.

So fast!

Ye Wen narrowed her eyes as she stepped off and dodged this stab.

Ding, ding, ding.

Before Jia Qiong’s first attack finished, the sword in her hand stabbed out several times.  Ye Wen focused on defending and seemed passive, but she wasn’t at a disadvantage.

“It seems like that after that hit you gave Jia Qiong, it actually helped her increase her cultivation.”  Bai Jin Yi’s evil charming voice rang in Ye Yu Xi’s mind.

“My goal is not her.”  Ye Yu Xi said as her eyes watched the battle the entire time.

Ye Wen had been with Long Xiao Pang for a month and her cultivation had soared.  She had already gone from the sixth spiritual level to the seventh spiritual level.

Although she was only in the low seventh spiritual level, with the Purple Thunder Technique, it was enough to face someone like Jia Qiong!

Shua, shua, shua!

In the eyes of the ministers, Jia Qiong and Ye Wen had already turned into shadows.

“That, that person from Blood Enchantress, is she really a lowly person?!”

Countless people had this thought in their mind.

Jia Qiong had been trained by the Mingyue Sect for many years, all kinds of resources had been wildly poured into her to make her this kind of genius!

Now……A lowly person from Blood Enchantress had exchanged a hundred blows with the number one genius and she wasn’t at a disadvantage?!

Ming Yue Lian was standing at the door with narrowed eyes and her breathing had become a bit faster.

The seventh prince saw the scene outside and his face sunk.  He looked over at his confident to the side.

“Your highness.”  The confidant came closer.

“Go and report to the two seniors in the side room.”

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