Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 72

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Chapter 72: Meeting Li Zhi Han again

Ceng!  Ye Yu Xi jabbed her elbow back at Bai Jin Yi’s head.

This incomparably strong elbow was easily blocked by Bai Jin Yi, easily controlling Ye Yu Xi.  He said beside Ye Yu Xi’s ear, “I never thought that in just a short two days, you would break through to the sixth spiritual level.  This speed, you could be considered the number one genius on the continent. The second miss who is competing with you in three months will surely suffer.”

“Let go!”  Ye Yu Xi glared at Bai Jin Yi.  Her strength had doubled, but her full strength attack was still easily blocked by Bai Jin Yi.  Her strength in front of this man was like a drop in the ocean.

Bai Jin Yi softly blew behind Ye Yu Xi’s ear and softly said, “You are always this cold.  Forget it, time to eat.”

After eating breakfast, Ye Yu Xi led Qing’er out.  Of course, Ye Yu Xi today was completely dress up. She was wearing a set of black clothes inside and was covered in a black cloak, completely hiding her appearance.

“Young miss, isn’t it fine just to wear our normal clothes and head there?  Why do we need to wear this, it’s troublesome.” Qing’er was very confused. They could just go there, why did they need to dress up so mysteriously?

“There are some things that aren’t convenient.”  Ye Yu Xi intended to eliminate young master Mo’s doubts today.  If the two alchemist disciples did not appear for a long time, Mo Tian Chou would suspect that the two mysterious people were them.  At that time, some things would be messed up.

Arriving at the Primary Martial Auction Hall, they strangely found that the main doors were tightly shut, not open to others at all.

There were a lot of people gathered at the entrance.  It seemed like they were all here for the auction today and there were quite a few familiar faces.

Hearing the discussion of the people outside, Ye Yu Xi understood today’s situation.  It seems like there were special products being auctioned, so the auction hall made some special preparations.  Before they were completed, no one was allowed to enter.

Oh?  She was actually here, her injury healed quite quickly.

Ye Yu Xi actually saw the Li Family’s Li Zhi Han who argued with the fatty in front of the Spiritualist Guild.  Seeing Li Zhi Han’s lively appearance, it was clear that her previously broken arm had been fixed.

“Qing’er, go and listen to what she’s saying.”  Ye Yu Xi patted the shoulder of Qing’er to her side.

Qing’er silently moved over.

Li Zhi Han kept talking to the two maids accompanying her without noticing.

“Big brother Tian Chou sent people over yesterday to send news that there would be Purple Spirit Pills on sale today.  With this pill, I’ll surely be able to break through to the fifth spiritual level and enter the realm of experts. When the time comes, I will smash all the bones in that slut Ye Yu Xi’s body and sell her into the brothel!”  Once Li Zhi Han mentioned Ye Yu Xi, she felt a faint pain in her cured arm. The was the Li Manor’s genius young miss, when had anyone ever tread on her before!

But that day, Ye Yu Xi did not only stepped on her, she had even made her kneel and apologize.  There were many people already pointing their fingers at her when she went back to the manor, which made her hate Ye Yu Xi even more.

“Young miss, this time the Family Head secretly allowed you to take out one hundred thousand gold coins.  We will surely be able to buy a Purple Spirit Pill!”

“That’s right, young miss.  Just endure it for a few days, Ye Yu Xi was just lucky that day.  As long as you break through to the fifth spiritual level, you will surely be able to take revenge and beat that slut to death!”  The two maids immediately began to flatter her.

Qing’er stayed nearby listening for a while, understanding the general idea of Li Zhi Han’s words.  Her heart was filled with anger! They actually dare speak about Ye Yu Xi like this, they really didn’t learn a lesson!  Humph, watch how the young miss cleans you up.

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