Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 71

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Chapter 71: Can break through like this!

Huo Ling tilted his little head and considered it, “Wu, it seems not, but I know many things.  It seems like I can keep evolving and I’m not afraid of fire.”

“Tell me something useful!”  Ye Yu Xi directly cut Huo Ling’s self report off.  This old lady already knows all of that!

“I can talk to others after another evolution.”  Huo Ling thought about it for a while and found his master didn’t know about this.

Oh?  Ye Yu Xi’s mind turned.  If Huo Ling could talk, in this world without phones, Huo Ling’s use to the Blood Enchantress would be immeasurable!

“That’s right, master, I evolved once, so your strength should also breakthrough.  Our strength should be around the same.” Huo Ling flew in the air, flying much faster compared to before.

Ye Yu Xi felt her spiritual energy and as expected!  When her spiritual energy was full before, there was always a faint barrier blocking her strength from breaking through, but now that barrier had disappeared from within her.

Sitting down cross legged, she threw the last few lavender coloured pills into her mouth.  These were the last Purple Spirit Pills Ye Yu Xi had, which meant that even if she didn’t need to give the five pills to the Primary Martial Auction Hall tomorrow, Ye Yu Xi still needed to refine more.  Every time she cultivated, the mysterious sea of energy in her consumed all spiritual energy if she didn’t use pills, so Ye Yu Xu shouldn’t think of growing on her own.

The spiritual energy of the pill was unimpeded and quickly entered her meridians.

After a long time, Ye Yu Xi opened her eyes.  With a flash of light, her strength entered the sixth spiritual level!  The last few times raising her strength, it was not very clear to Ye Yu Xi.  However, this increase in strength, Ye Yu Xi could clearly feel that her explosive power, her speed, and her strength had doubled from what she had in the fifth spiritual level!  It was no wonder each breakthrough after the fifth spiritual level for normal people were incomparably hard!


A bit of Ye Yu Xi’s spiritual energy turned into flames as it entered the pill cauldron.  The flame was clearly stronger and hotter than before. It seems like the quality of spiritual energy flames was closely related to one’s level!  No wonder each high level alchemist was so strong!

It wasn’t because their alchemy skills were high that made them strong.  Rather it was because they broke through, so they could refine higher grade pills!  In turn, they could use these pills to increase their cultivation. This was a simple cycle that would ensure the overall strength of an alchemist.

One herb after the other was turned into spiritual liquid.  When the final Blue Ice Grass was thrown in by Ye Yu Xi, the temperature dropped in the cauldron as the flame was withdrawn, causing a pill to form!

Looking at the pill inside the cauldron, Ye Yu Xi finally revealed a smile.  In the pill cauldron, there were ten purple Purple Spirit Pills lying there!

Exiting the chaotic space.

The sun was already rising outside.

Dong!  Dong!

The sound of something being hit came without stop from out in the yard.

Ye Yu Xi simply washed up before walking into the yard.  Ye Wen and Ye Man were both focused on the training program set for them, hitting their elbows and knees into the tree trunk in the yard.  Sweat had soaked their clothes and their arms were a bit red, but the two of them did not plan on stopping at all.

“Your eyes aren’t bad.  Their talents are normal, but I never expected their minds to be this firm.”  Bai Jin Yi silently appeared behind Ye Yu Xi, wrapping one hand around her waist.

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