Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 698

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Chapter 698: Filtering with one’s body

Hu, hu, hu.

The might of the wings Huo Ling made were not normal, but it also consumed a large amount of spiritual energy.

With Ye Yu Xi’s cultivation, with just a hundred laps, half her spiritual energy had already been consumed.

“Dragon master, can we fly out from above?”  Ye Yu Xi suddenly realized something.

She had indeed stopped the approach of the blood mist, but the valley was very big and the blood mist had unknowingly surrounded her.

“No, this place is a place of death.  When it is raining, if you fly too high, you’ll be hit by lightning.”  Long Xiao Pang replied.

As if to confirm Long Xiao Pang’s words, two booms of thunder rang in the sky.

“Quickly leave!”  Long Xiao Pang felt the situation outside.

Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi looked at each other before they quickly flew in the direction the fatty and the others left in.

Hu, hu.

The sound of the wind followed them.

“No, it’s too late.”  Ye Yu Xi said to Bai Jin Yi in her mind.

“Ke, ke.”

Bai Jin Yi gave two coughs.  The blood mist had already surrounded his body and Bai Jin Yi had breathed some of it in.

“Are you alright?”  Ye Yu Xi softly asked.

“I’m, ke, ke!”  Bai Jin Yi’s body had a strong reaction to the blood mist.  As soon as he opened his mouth, he began his intense coughs again.

“Bai Jin Yi has the Blood Poison in him, he can’t breath in the blood mist.  Little girl, your body can filter the poison.” Long Xiao Pang quickly reminded Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi looked at the blood mist that slowly became thicker and with a flap of her wing, she moved in front of Bai Jin Yi.

She pulled Bai Jin Yi into her embrace and spoke to Bai Jin Yi in her mind, “Don’t breathe in.”

After that, Ye Yu Xi flew out of the valley while carrying Bai Jin Yi.

On the way, Ye Yu Xi breathed in the red mist and filtered the poison in her body before giving the air to Bai Jin Yi.

Ci, ci, ci, ci.

Little transparent bugs that were around the size of a rice grain silently fell onto the back of Ye Yu Xi’s neck, lying there without moving.

Ye Yu Xi seemed to not sense these transparent bugs at all.

Ye Yu Xi kept helping Bai Jin Yi perform “manual breathing” and their tongues touched from time to time.

Gradually, Ye Yu Xi felt her own head become a bit heavy.  She was already surrounded in blood mist, so Ye Yu Xi could only explore with her mental energy, checking the path in front.

Her spiritual energy wasn’t enough?

Ye Yu Xi felt a weak feeling in her body and she actually wanted to fall asleep!

Sensing that the exit was just in front, Ye Yu Xi moved even faster.


The fatty’s group had been charging forward the entire time.  When they ran out, their bodies were covered in large beads of sweat and half their spiritual energy had been consumed.

It was strange, the Blood Mist Valley was raining, but once they came out, the sun shined down on them again!

The fatty’s group anxiously watched the exit of the Blood Mist Valley, seeing the blood mist that came out from inside.

Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi’s figures didn’t appear in the end.

“Fatty, what are you doing?”  Ye Wen saw the fatty using his dagger to cut his cloak.

“I’m using a bit more cloth, it should be able to block the blood mist.  I’m going in to find boss.” The fatty replied.

“They are out!”  Hei Sha’s mental energy finally sensed a figure.


The four looked at the Blood Mist Valley’s exit.


As expected, after a few seconds, two figures came dashing out together!

Ye Yu Xi was already drowsy, using all her concentration to charge out of the blood mist.


As for the transparent bugs on the back of Ye Yu Xi’s, once they met the sunlight, they began to move.  They leaned in and bite down onto Ye Yu Xi’s skin.

The drowsy Ye Yu Xi was flying through the air when her eyes turned dark and she fell to the ground holding Bai Jin Yi.

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