Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 697

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Chapter 697: Escaping the blood mist

They are all silent as they began moving faster.

Hong long!

With this faint sound of thunder, Long Xiao Pang’s ears perked and his face greatly fell.  He said in a loud voice, “Little girl, don’t take back the Natal Bead and charge forward at full speed!”

This rain was about to reach them!

Looking back, the red colour was becoming darker!

“The wind’s picking up.”  There was a trace of worry in Bai Jin Yi’s voice.

Long Xiao Pang felt the direction of the wind, it was coming from behind.  That was a good thing, that meant that even if it did rain, it should come from behind them first.  If their group were to move a bit faster.

Everyone moved forward at full speed, becoming streaks of light moving through the valley.

Hu!  Hu!

Rain in the mountain was very fierce.

There was less than a quarter of the way before they could charge out of the Blood Mist Valley.

The fatty looked behind them and his eyes popped out!

“Dragon master, there is something wrong behind us!

Everyone took a look behind them.

The mist already wasn’t gray anymore and had turned a dark blood red colour!

The blood coloured mist kept churning, looking like real matter.  With the wind, it kept coming towards Ye Yu Xi’s group.

Not only was the mist close, there seemed to be something inside the blood mist!

As well as the wind, there seemed to be the sound of ghosts crying.

“Quickly!”  There was a hint of remorse in Long Xiao Pang’s eyes.  If he knew this would happen, he wouldn’t have picked this road!

Everyone continued to rush forward with all their might.

“Dragon master, will it be alright if something blocks the red mist?”  Ye Yu Xi said to Long Xiao Pang in her heart.

“Un, there is something strange with the mist.”  Long Xiao Pang replied.

Ye Yu Xi looked back and compared to before, the mist was closer to them!

No, if this continued, they will be caught by the blood mist.


There was the sound of wind around them and it carried a sound that made people anxious.

The wind!

Ye Yu Xi suddenly had a bold idea appear in her mind.

Looking behind, the red mist with the momentum of the wind was already less than a thousand meters away from them.

“You all leave first!”  Ye Yu Xi said to the others.



The others were shocked.

“I’ll block this thing.”  Ye Yu Xi’s voice was filled with determination, “Bai Jin Yi, bring them away.”

Long Xiao Pang wanted Bai Jin Yi to bring Ye Yu Xi away, but Ye Yu Xi’s attitude now was enough to make him choke!

“Huo Ling.”  Ye Yu Xi called in her heart.  Huo Ling understood and instantly fused with Ye Yu Xi.


Ye Yu Xi’s wings gathered spiritual energy before flapping out behind her.

The large amounts of spiritual energy created gusts of wind, blowing out at the red blood mist.

Long Xiao Pang saw Ye Yu Xi’s actions and his eyes lit up.

The little girl’s method, perhaps it really could work!

“Fatty, you all leave first!  Wait for us outside!” Long Xiao Pang roared out before drilling into Ye Yu Xi’s chaotic space.

With him in the chaotic space, he could still give Ye Yu Xi pointers.

“Go!”  Ye Yu Xi’s beautiful eyes looked over as she forcefully flapped the wings on her back a few more times.

“Go!”  The fatty gritted his teeth and was the first to run out.

He knew his boss’ cultivation and in terms of speed, the boss was several times faster than him!

Hei Feng Tian Zong took a worried look at Ye Yu Xi before quickly running towards the exit of the valley with the fatty.

With his strength, he would only cause trouble if he remained here.

“I’ll stay with you.”  Bai Jin Yi’s soft voice came from behind Ye Yu Xi.


Bai Jin Yi waved his hand and a golden wave appeared that exploded in the air, creating a gust of wind.

With the two working together, there was some effect.  At least…..the blood mist on the path had visibly slowed down its approach.

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