Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 679

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Chapter 679: Beast wave (Part 2)

Yuan Na had always been paying attention to Zou Tian Cheng’s movements.

Everyone knew that working together was only temporary.  After they had defeated the spirit beasts, there was still the main show.

The large man saw Bai Jin Yi and Ye Yu Xi’s strange techniques and gritted his teeth.  He looked over at his brothers.

Another large man had snapped a serpent and was secretly moving towards Zou Tian Cheng.


“This person, there is no need for you to protect him.”  Bai Jin Yi disappeared before blocking off that large man.

“Boss, this group of grandsons are playing tricks!”  The fatty’s face turned cold as he spoke to Ye Yu Xi in his mind.

Yuan Na’s guard under her hand signal went to attract some powerful spirit beasts.  He led them to the fatty and Ye Wen’s side before running away.

The fatty was almost bitten by the poisonous snakes several times.

“Kill the spirit beasts first.  In a while, we’ll take care of them!”  Ye Yu Xi said in a cold voice.

Hong, hong, hong.

Red flames came out of Hei Feng Tian Zong’s hands and working with Hei Sha, they two killed the spirit beasts.

The battle lasted for close to an hour.

“Hu——Hu——”  The fatty sat on the ground, panting with large breaths.  He took a waterskin and drank large mouthfuls.

“Boss, there are too many beasts to deal with.”  The fatty’s blade holding hand was numb. He revealed a grin as he looked at the large men.

Without even responding to the fatty, there were people that surrounded Ye Yu Xi.

“What is the meaning of this?”  Ye Yu Xi looked at the guards and large men in front of her, pretending not to know.

“Humph~, everyone is here for treasures and the beast wave has been defeated.  The Beast Flame…..” Yuan Na gave a cold laugh.


Bai Jin Yi placed a hand on Ye Yu Xi’s shoulder, signaling to her not to move.  He looked over Zou Tian Cheng’s situation.

“This beast flame, we won’t fight for it.”  Bai Jin Yi revealed a faint smile.

There was nothing to fight about with this Beast Flame.  Now, we’ll give it to you, as long as you have the life to take it.

“Humph, you are considered smart.”  Si Luo gave a snort.

“That old man is about to break through.”  Bai Jin Yi said to Ye Yu Xi in his mind.

The large man saw that Bai Jin Yi’s group retreated from this battle and looked over at Yuan Na.

“This Beast Flame……”  The large man’s eyes gradually turned cold and he suddenly waved his hand!  He was already flying out at Zou Tian Cheng.


Two large men blocked Yuan Na, “Princess, pleases don’t move.”

“Just based on you?!”  Yuan Na’s brows knit and she began to make her move.

Hong long!

There was a large sound that shocked everyone!

This sound, it was like something collapsed and broke apart the sky.  Half the mountain’s spiritual energy became turbulent!

“What is this?”  Ye Yu Xi slightly knit her brows.  Her spiritual energy, there was a vague feeling of wanting to charge out.

“The Yellow Spirit Realm, the land shakes with fear.”  Bai Jin Yi slowly spat out these nine words.

The Yellow Spirit Realm, it was different from the Spiritual Realm.  The Spiritual Realm could allow one to utilize their spiritual energy, the Yellow Spirit Realm allowed one to use the spiritual energy in the land in one’s attacks.

It was the beginning step of communicating with nature.


Zou Tian Cheng’s clothes were instantly shredded, but it was a good thing he was covered in the golden brown Beast Flames.

Otherwise……Ye Yu Xi would have had to find a place to wash her eyes.

While Ye Yu Xi was watching, spiritual energy became compressed.  It was no longer transparent, but rather it turned a white colour.

The white spiritual energy formed a spiral and revolved around Zou Tian Cheng, gradually solidifying on the surface of his body.

“This is……Spiritual Energy Armour?”  Ye Yu Xi unconsciously said.

“Un, the mark of the Yellow Spirit Realm.”  Bai Jin Yi said.

The large man saw the strange thing happening with Zou Tian Cheng, he didn’t understand it at all.  His eyes were uncertain before he gritted his teeth and slashed his blade at Zou Tian Cheng’s head!

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