Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 678

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Chapter 678: Beast wave (Part 1)

“What is it?”  Ye Yu Xi’s expression changed.

“So many, so many spirit beasts!”  Huo Ling chirped, “Several hundred, no, several thousand spirit beasts!”

Huo Ling estimated their numbers.

Ye Yu Xi’s face turned pale.

Beast wave……

The beast wave Long Xiao Pang always worried about!

“A beast wave is coming.”  Ye Yu Xi said in a soft voice.

Bai Jin Yi’s eyes instantly widened!

Hong, hong, hong!


Not long after, faint trembles appeared in the ground and the faint roars of spirit beasts appeared around them.

“Fatty, Ye Wen, Tian Zong, Hei Sha, quickly come over, it’s a beast wave!”  Ye Yu Xi sent her voice to them.


A large amount of dust was raised under a large tree.

The fatty’s dust covered face came out of it.

What?  A beast wave?


The fatty was the last to move, but running faster than Hei Sha, he was the first to arrive by Ye Yu Xi.

“Boss, is what you said true?!”  The fatty’s face was covered in disbelief.

He had lived for over twenty years and this was his first time coming to the High Ocean Mountains, but he met a beast wave?!

This was really stepping in dog shit luck and landing in a ditch filled with shit!

Ye Yu Xi gave a serious nod.  There was a flash of light in her hand and she gave several bottles of pills to the others.

“We’ll watch the situation.”  Ye Yu Xi told the others.

“They actually still had people waiting!”  Yuan Na looked at the fatty and the others.  The spiritual energy waves coming from them weren’t weak at all.

Yuan Na was happy that she was cautious, not making a move just now.

Hong, hong, hong.

The sounds of ten thousand horses stampeding rang out.

“What is it!”  Yuan Na looked at the guards behind her with knit brows.

Yi Qi’s face became very ugly, “It, it seems to be, a beast wave.”

When he said this, the faces of the others instantly became pale.

“Big, big brother, the beast wave is here.  Should we, should we leave?” A large man gave a suggestion to his big brother.

“Pei!  Leave? Where would we go?  The spirit beasts’ target is the same as ours, there will be spirit beasts all around us, so unless you can fly, we aren’t going anywhere!”  The large man glared at his brother.

“I say, you guys, how about we collude for our own purposes?  The beast wave is not something a single person can resist, I suggest we all work together temporarily.  After we take care of this danger, we can discuss other things, how about it?” The large man shouted to Bai Jin Yi.

Bai Jin Yi looked at Ye Yu Xi and slowly nodded.


Several poisonous serpents with triangular heads came out of the trees, looking at them while sticking out their blue tongues.

Following them were wolves covered in blue fur.

There were also several tigers, leopards, bears, and other animals.

There was a strange “unity” between these spirit beasts.

Bai Jin Yi’s group was in the center.

Bai Jin Yi looked over Zou Tian Cheng, the Beast Flame had already been refined, it was no longer surging around him.  This old man, he was planning to break through!

He planned to break through the ninth spiritual level and reach the Yellow Spirit Realm!

“Be careful.”  Bai Jin Yi said to Ye Yu Xi in his mind.


A wolf king howled and several blue wolves charged at Ye Yu Xi.

“Damn!  Take care of them!”  Two large men looked at each other and the blades in their hands chopped at wolf heads.

With one making a move first, the other spirit beasts all began to charge!

“Kill!”  Ye Yu Xi raised the Soul Devourer Blade in her hand.

Pu, pu, pu, ah, ah, ah.

The sounds of blades entering bodies and pitiful cries rang out!

This beast wave did not have several thousand like Huo Ling said, but there were at least several hundred!

Ye Yu Xi’s group used their Purple Thunder Technique and completely evaded the attacks of these spirit beasts.

The group of large men and the princess’ guards were not as lucky.

The large man secretly looked at Zou Tian Cheng.  The demon core was still in his hand and as long as he received the demon core, the Beast Flame would be his!

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