Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 675

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Chapter 675: Dual Dragon House’s Zou Tian Cheng (Part 2)

“It’s still early.  This Beast Flame…..Senior Zou, if you believe this one, our people will protect senior Zou so that senior Zou can be assured in refining the Beast Flame.”  Bai Jin Yi said.

Zou Tian Cheng revealed a look of surprise, “Young master Bai is righteous.  This old man has been petty before and has made it hard for young master Bai.”

Zou Tian Cheng’s response seemed very straightforward on the surface, but the old man’s heart had analyzed the situation in an instant.  The Beast Flame could only be refined in an hour and after this hour, it would be hard to change the facts.

If Bai Jin Yi wanted to hurt him, he didn’t need to use this kind of method.

Bai Jin Yi looked at Ye Yu Xi and she walked over.

“Senior Zou, from now on, I hope senior Zou can take care of my friend.”

“Young master can be assured.”  Zou Tian Cheng turned to walk over to the Golden Feet Scorpion Tail Lion. 

Ye Yu Xi looked at Zou Tian Cheng’s unguarded actions and said to Bai Jin Yi in her mind, “This old man isn’t afraid that we wouldn’t do anything to him?”

“If we wanted to kill him, we wouldn’t need to ambush him.”  Bai Jin Yi casually responded.

“What is this person’s identity?”  Ye Yu Xi looked at this old man. If he was in the Ice Mist Country, he could be considered a sect ancestor.

“One of the House Heads of the Dual Dragon House, he will be helpful to you in the future.”  Bai Jin Yi said.

Ye Yu Xi’s beautiful eyes looked at Bai Jin Yi.  He helped this old man for her?

Bai Jin Yi said with a smile, “I have the Empty Starry Night Flames and you have the Blue Snake Beast Flames, so whether you obtain this Golden Lion Flame or not, it’s all alright.  It is better to use it as a favour.”

Ye Yu Xi nodded, not refuting it.

While they were talking, Zou Tian Cheng had already dug out the Golden Feet Scorpion Tail Lion’s demon core and had begun to refine it on a rock.

“The thing the Golden Feet Scorpion Tail Lion used earlier, what spiritual technique was that?”  Ye Yu Xi remembered the roar that made everyone dizzy.

“A sound wave cultivation technique.”  Bai Jin Yi softly said.

“What is that, speak.”  Ye Yu Xi became interested.

“It is the same kind of cultivation technique as the Flame Control Art and the Imperial Flame Art, but it belongs to a side branch.  It isn’t easy to use, but its effects aren’t bad, at the very least, it can surprise people.” Bai Jin Yi said.


Huo Ling was flying aimlessly around in the vicinity, not having any goal at all.   Huo Ling was still expectant that he could meet a pretty good herb.

If……this herb didn’t have any powerful spirit beasts guarding it, that would be even better!

“Yi?  There’s living people.”  Huo Ling’s sharp senses noticed the situation in the mountain.

With a dive, Huo Ling drilled into the trees.

Yuan Na’s group of people, a total of over ten people were currently heading forward.

In order to take care of the spirit beasts they met, they had lost two guards in the past few days.

They were in the vicinity earlier and had heard the roar of the Golden Feet Scorpion Tail Lion.  After some discussion, they decided to come over to investigate.

But just now, the roar had disappeared and their speed slowed down a bit.

“Senior, do you think there’s someone here hunting spirit beasts?”  A sharp light twinkled in Yuan Na’s eyes.

Yi Qi sensed the spiritual energy in the air, “The spiritual energy here is much warmer than the previous two mountains.  If I’m not wrong, there must be a spirit beast nearby that has given birth to a Beast Flame.”

“Really?”  Yuan Na’s heart filled with pleasant surprised.

“Un, if we can find it, that would be the best.  We wouldn’t need to go to our set place to look for one.”  Yi Qi said with a smile.

“Princess, you are someone gifted by the heavens, this Beast Flame will definitely be yours.”  Si Luo gave her timely flattering.

Kacha, shua, shua, shua!

The sound of a tree branch being snapped rang out.  From the surrounding trees, twenty people jumped out who surrounded Yuan Na’s group.

“I never thought that there would really be people sending themselves to their deaths!”

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