Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 674

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Chapter 674: Dual Dragon House’s Zou Tian Cheng (Part 1)

“Such powerful poison.”  After looking carefully, there was a small wound on the person’s arm and the skin around the wound had already begun to fester.

This person……

Ye Yu Xi used her mental energy to check the people beside this person and they had no wounds!

Seeing how they died, they should have wanted to pick up the person on the ground before they were infected by the poison.

“These people, it wouldn’t be……”  Ye Yu Xi’s eyes widened as she turned to look at the Golden Feet Scorpion Tail Lion.  The thick scorpion’s tail of the Scorpion Tail Lion moved from time to time.

At the end of the tail was not a round head, rather it was a sharp poison barb!

“Be careful of the lion’s tail, there is poison on it.”  Ye Yu Xi moved towards the fight while talking to Bai Jin Yi in her mind.

Bai Jin Yi didn’t have time to reply to Ye Yu Xi right now.

Bai Jin Yi knew from the beginning that the lion’s tail had poison, so he had already been careful.

“You go let, I’ll go right!”  Zou Tian Cheng roared out as his large axe flew at the Golden Feet Scorpion Tail Lion.


The sword in Bai Jin Yi’s hand was thrown out and at the same time, there was a pair of golden gloves that appeared around his slender hands.


The Golden Feet Scorpion Tail Lion’s spiritual energy had already been exhausted and it didn’t dodge in time.  Its front paws were cut by the sword and giant axe, causing it to roar into the sky.

Spiritual energy waves were released from the mouth of the Golden Feet Scorpion Tail Lion.


Even Ye Yu Xi and the others who were several dozen meters away felt their bodies tremble.  Their eyes shook and it was like their souls left their bodies as they were frozen in place.


Dual pupils instantly appeared in Bai Jin Yi’s starry eyes and the two flames in his pupils kept burning, blocking the sound attack of the Golden Feet Scorpion Tail Lion.


A hand covered in blazing flames entered the Golden Feet Scorpion Tail Lion’s neck and its roar stopped.

Its eyes gradually darkened and its tail weakly fell down.


The energy inside the Golden Feet Scorpion Tail Lion’s body gradually disappeared before it fell to the ground.

A lion king, the king of the mountains, under the attacks of two humans had fallen.

Hu, hu.

Zou Tian Cheng was panting with large breaths, vigilantly looking at Bai Jin Yi.  He said in a polite voice, “Many thanks for young master Bai’s help.”

Zou Tian Cheng knew in his heart that when seeing treasures, everyone would have greedy eyes.  Bai Jin Yi was one of the Purple Cloud Twin Heroes, his strength had already surpassed the ninth spiritual level and he was only in the ninth spiritual level.  He wanted to use this Beast Flame to breakthrough his bottleneck, but he never thought the Golden Feet Scorpion Tail Lion was this hard to deal with.

The several dozen experts he had brought had already died at the claws of this Golden Feet Scorpion Tail Lion.

Bai Jin Yi looked into Zou Tian Cheng’s eyes and already guessed his thoughts.  He revealed a faint smile, “I never thought that I would meet old senior Zou here.”

“Young master Bai is too polite.  The young master has entered the mountain this time……”  Zou Tian Cheng sly eyes looked over at the Golden Feet Scorpion Tail Lion.

“Senior Zou can be assured, that was purely giving you help.  The Dual Dragon House has some fame and is quite close to the Alchemist Academy, so I ask senior Zou to look out for my friend if she has some matters.”  Bai Jin Yi looked at Ye Yu Xi to the side, “As for this Golden Feet Scorpion Tail Lion, this is just some help. As for the owner, naturally it belongs to senior Zou.”

A sparkle appeared in Zou Tian Cheng’s muddy eyes, “Young master Bai, is this true?”

“Medicine King Valley’s words are always true.”  The curve of Bai Jin Yi’s lips didn’t fall.

“Good, young master can be assured, as long as this young miss comes to our Dual Dragon House’s territory, she will be our Dual Dragon House’s guest.  If anyone dares bully the young miss, my Dual Dragon House will exterminate them!” Zou Tian Cheng revealed a bit of his domineering side.

“Did senior Zou come here alone to hunt the Golden Feet Scorpion Tail Lion?”  Bai Jin Yi looked around and didn’t see anyone else.

Senior Zou revealed an ugly expression, “I won’t hide it from the young master, in order to kill this beast, there is only this old man left.”

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