Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 676

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Chapter 676: Two sides joining hands (Part 1)

A large man walked out from behind a tree and looked at Yuan Na’s group.

“Who are you people!  Daring to block our princess’ path, are you tired of living!”  Si Luo was used to being arrogant. When faced with this large man, her temper instantly flared up.

“Princess?”  The large man laughed, “Pei!  I don’t care about your princess or grandfather, this is the High Ocean Mountains!  This princess’ looks, they’re really quite good.”

Ha, ha.

Ha, ha, ha.

The surrounding large men all broke out in laughter as several pairs of eyes looked over Yuan Na and Si Luo.

Si Luo saw the large man’s laughter and her arrogant anger instantly disappeared.  She had always relied on her master’s identity, but meeting people now who didn’t care about that, Si Luo’s heart was filled with fear.

“Yuan Na, I’ll help you open a path and you quickly leave.”  Yi Qi said in a small voice beside Yuan Na.

The disdainful look flashed in Yuan Na’s eyes again.

This Yi Qi, although he was an inner yard student of the Alchemist and he did indeed know quite a few things, this courage……People really didn’t dare praise it.  When he met danger, the first thing he thought was running away!

If she didn’t fear the influence of Yi Qi’s family, Yuan Na would have thrown this trash away already.

Faced with these large men, Yuan Na didn’t retreat and took a step forward.  She swept her eyes over them, “Who is your big brother?”

The large man who spoke in the beginning spoke again, “It’s me.  What, does the princess have orders for me?”

The large man’s voice was provocative, not having the slightest bit of respect.

“Humph.”  Yuan Na gave a cold laugh, not being afraid at all, “Coming to the High Ocean Mountains, if it isn’t for resources, it’s for Beast Flames.  If you really came for women, you wouldn’t take the risk to come to the High Ocean Mountains.”

The large man’s eyes became serious: Such a firm girl!  In just a short time, she could see through all this.

“You should have also come over because of that sound just now.  How about everyone works together?” Yuan Na finished speaking and stood there waiting for their response.

Yi Qi’s spiritual energy was already revolving.  He was already in the seventh spiritual level, if they really fought, he wouldn’t need to fear the large man!

“Ha, ha, it seems like this one has been rude just now.”  The large man turned his blade around and cupped his hands to Yuan Na.

Seeing the other side’s attitude, an elegant smile appeared on Yuan Na’s face, but there was cold laughter in her heart.

Working together with you?  He, he, a mountain wouldn’t have two tigers.  If there really is a treasure, it’ll depend on whose fists are harder.

“Since it’s like this, how about we go together?”  Yuan Na said.

The large man looked down to think.  There were several experts by this princess’ side, if they really fought, it would be hard to avoid his brothers being hurt or killed.

“Life is more important than respect.”  The large man waved his hand and his brothers moved to the side.

Huo Ling had landed on a tree and had watched the matter from beginning to end.  Seeing Yuan Na and the large man’s group heading forward, he secretly said: This is bad!  They are heading in master’s direction.


“Master, master!”  Huo Ling anxiously flew back, “Master, that, that whatever country’s princess is head over here.”

Before he even landed, his voice rang in Ye Yu Xi’s mind.

“Princess?  Origin Flame Country?”  Ye Yu Xi stood there and said to Bai Jin Yi beside her, “There are guests coming.”

“Oh?”  Bai Jin Yi also stood up.

He never thought that people would really come to cause trouble!

It seemed like he would have to do another favour for Zou Tian Cheng.

“Fatty, Tian Zong, cut them off.”  Ye Yu Xi gave her order in a soft voice.

“Alright, boss, watch properly!”  The fatty jumped up.

The cut them off Ye Yu Xi mentioned was not attacking them head on!

The fatty and the others were concealed in the canopies around them.  In the center, there was only Bai Jin Yi, Ye Yu Xi, and Zou Tian Cheng who was refining the Beast Flame.

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