Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 672

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Chapter 672: Golden Feet Scorpion Tail Lion (Part 3)

“Someone’s here.”  Bai Jin Yi’s eyes became serious.

When out training, when they met anyone, it would usually be an enemy.

Hong, hong, hong!

The ear shattering sound kept ringing out.

“Go, head over.”  Bai Jin Yi waved his hand at everyone and everyone scattered, opening up a space of ten meters between them as they headed over.

In the valley in front of them.

There was a large patch of empty ground.

Trees collapsed and stones flew all over.

There was an old man with a large axe in his hand who was facing a golden lion.


The golden lion roared out and visible spiritual energy was released from the lion’s mouth.

The surrounding trees cracked and fell again as large amounts of leaves fell.

“What spirit beast is this?”  Ye Yu Xi looked at the figure several hundred meters away.

There was an ominous glow in this lion’s eyes and each time it blinked, it revealed silver eyelids.  The four claws of the lion was covered in a dark brown flame and each flick of its tail created a breeze.

Bai Jin Yi carefully looked it over before slowly saying, “Golden Feet Scorpion Tail Lion.  Be careful, this beast’s strength is close to the ninth spiritual level.”

Ninth spiritual level.

Ye Yu Xi looked over at the old man.  To be able to match the Golden Feet Scorpion Tail Lion, that old man had to be at least in the ninth spiritual level and he could even be above that!

“That old man……he looks quite familiar……”  Bai Jin Yi narrowed his starry eyes and came forward in a casual manner.

“Roar!”  The old man roared out as he raised the large axe in his hand high up, creating a momentum that could shatter mountains.


The Golden Feet Scorpion Tail Lion wasn’t willing to show weakness.  The flames on its claws surged as it jumped at the old man.

Seven-eight rounds passed.  Each time the man and lion clashed, spiritual energy waves were raised.

“Someone from the Dual Dragon House?”  The doubt in Bai Jin Yi’s eyes slowly disappeared.  The Dual Dragon House was not considered far from the Alchemist Academy and they have been quite decent in the past few years.

Bai Jin Yi looked Ye Yu Xi beside him.  It seemed like he needed to give some favour to the Dual Dragon House today.

When he wanted to speak, Bai Jin Yi’s expression suddenly changed.  He jumped out at Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi had not reacted when Bai Jin Yi suddenly jumped out.  Bai Jin Yi held Ye Yu Xi as he fell to the ground.

Ye Yu Xi felt constricted before she was pressed to the ground.  Bai Jin Yi’s eyes and face quickly became enlarged in Ye Yu Xi’s eyes.


Bai Jin Yi’s lips accidentally fell right onto Ye Yu Xi’s vermilion lips.

Ye Yu Xi’s watery eyes opened wide!


A ripple passed over Bai Jin Yi’s back.

Dong, dong, dong!

Not far to the side, there were several muffled sounds.  It seemed like the fatty and the others couldn’t react in time and had been hit by the ripple.

Without having time to enjoy the beautiful feel of Ye Yu Xi’s lips, Bai Jin Yi quickly slapped the dirt beside him and bounced up holding Ye Yu Xi.

This movement made Ye Yu Xi’s chest ripple.  Even though it was under clothes, Bai Jin Yi couldn’t help revealing a faint mesmerized look.


Bai Jin Yi looked into Ye Yu Xi’s eyes that seemed like she wanted to eat someone and made a gesture to be quiet before he slowly let Ye Yu Xi go.

Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi were careful enough, at least they weren’t noticed by the far away old man and the Golden Feet Scorpion Tail Lion.

The other people weren’t thinking this much.

“Aiyo, damn, this fat master is really hurt.”  The fatty stood up from the ground with a pale face.  His clothes were quite messy.

Behind the fatty, there was a large tree that had snapped from the impact.

Hei Feng Tian Zong and Ye Wen’s situation were quite similar.  If it wasn’t for the tree blocking them, it would be hard to tell how far they would have been blown away.

“This is bad!”  The old man heard the fatty’s voice and his face fell.

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