Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 671

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Chapter 671: Golden Feet Scorpion Tail Lion (Part 2)

“The Imperial Flame Art controls the inside, the Flame Control Art controls the outside.”  Bai Jin Yi softly said.

This was the Dual Imperial Flame Art.

Ye Yu Xi recalled the battle with the Iron Claw Eagles, thinking of the giant dragon Bai Jin Yi used.


The turquoise flame surrounded her hand.  Even with Ye Yu Xi controlling it, the flame wouldn’t change forms no matter what.

It seemed like the Flame Control Art was completely different from the Imperial Flame Art.

“Master, master, it seemed like something happened.”  Huo Ling’s voice sounded in Ye Yu Xi’s mind.

“Un?  What happened?”  Ye Yu Xi knit her brows.

Huo Ling hadn’t even left for half an hour!

“There are flames ahead.”  Huo Ling’s cute voice sounded, not having a trace of anxiety at all.

“Flames?  Mountain fire!”  Ye Yu Xi’s face became a bit pale.

Flames in the mountains, that was not a small matter!

“Something happened?”  Bai Jin Yi asked in a soft voice.

“There is a mountain fire in front.”  Ye Yu Xi softly said.


The faces of the fatty and the others changed.

“Un?  What?!”  Long Xiao Pang looked over.

“Dragon master, there is a mountain fire in front.  How about we take a detour?” The fatty gave a suggestion.

Mountain fire?

Long Xiao Pang was stunned before looking at the trees around them, “In this place?  Can it raise a mountain fire?”

Mountain fire……mountain fire……

Long Xiao Pang revealed a smile, “Little girl, how about we take a look?”

“Dragon master, this isn’t something to play with.  We’ll be surrounded soon and there won’t be any place to run.”  The fatty said.

“Humph, if it was easy for the High Ocean Mountains to burn, it would have already been burnt clean by the Beast Flames.”  Long Xiao Pang looked at the fatty, “If you haven’t noticed yet, the spirit beasts that we’ve already met, normal flames can’t harm them at all!”

The fatty thought about it, that’s right!  Damn, it’s strange, the boss’ Beast Flame couldn’t hurt them at all.

If it were spirit beasts from the Heaven Mountain Range, if they met a Beast Flame, they would have turned tail already.

“Dragon master, what is with this?”  The fatty said in a confused voice.

“The Burning Sea Thunder Flame, it’s a middle ranked Earthly Spirit Flame.  Not to mention anything else, its might is already comparable to a Heavenly Spirit Flame.  After all these years, the Burning Sea Thunder Flame should have settled and has already affected the surrounding mountains.  These spirit beasts have bred for generations and have been affected by the Burning Sea Thunder Flame, so their flame resistance has been greatly increased.”


Ye Yu Xi came in front of a large tree and threw out her Beast Flame.  The turquoise flame left a patch of black on the tree trunk, but it didn’t burn it at all.

“Such strong resistance.”  Ye Yu Xi muttered.

“The mountain fire that little dumb bird Huo Ling mentioned should be a spirit beast giving birth to a Beast Flame or some other spirit beast stealing a flame.”  Long Xiao Pang excitedly said, “Little girl, your Dark Poison God’s Art can swallow this thing!”

“Huo Ling, where is that flame?”  Ye Yu Xi said to Huo Ling in her mind.

Ye Yu Xi’s group quickly moved according to Huo Ling’s directions.

Hong, hong, hong!  Roar!

Before they even arrived, these sounds reached their ears.

“God damn, boss, the one in front is quite fierce!”  The fatty heard the ear shattering roar. Without even approaching, the sound was this loud, wouldn’t their ears be shattered if they approached!

“Xiao Bai, take them and hide for now.”  Long Xiao Pang waved his hand at Bai Jin Yi before he entered the chaotic space.

Ye Yu Xi saw Long Xiao Pang’s quick movements and helplessly shook his head.  This Long Xiao Pang, why was he so cowardly!

This courage, it was even worse than Huo Ling.

“Stop!”  Bai Jin Yi in front raised his hand.

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