Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 670

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Chapter 670: Golden Feet Scorpion Tail Lion (Part 1)


Yi Qi was very decisive.  Seeing these tigers with blue stripes, he grabbed Yuan Na’s hand as he ran backwards.

The guards all quickly followed them.

A single tiger was hard to deal with, so what kind of feeling was it to have several tigers staring at you?

Yi Qi was quite strong, but faced with over ten fourth spiritual level tigers, he didn’t dare fight them.

Not to mention they had just entered the High Ocean Mountains, the important fight hadn’t begun yet.

It was a good thing these tigers weren’t that fast.  After passing a few mountains, princess Yuan Na’s group had thrown those tigers behind them.

“Sen, senior Yi Qi, why did those tigers move together?”  Princess Yuan Na asked while panting.

“Do you know why there are many people who come to the High Ocean Mountain during this time?”  Yi Qi looked at the guards behind him, not losing a single person, letting him feel a bit relieved.

“Why?”  Yuan Na was a bit confused.

“This is because this is high tide for the beast wave, so large amounts of spirit beasts are snatching territory.”  Yi Qi paused for a second, “The beast wave explosion is because of the Beast Flame. It’s said that there is a Strange Flame here and in places near Strange Flames, it is easiest for spirit beasts to form Beast Flames.”

“Strange Flame…..”  Yuan Na shook her head.  That thing, it was not something she could obtain at her level.  Being able to obtain a Beast Flame was already enough to satisfy Yuan Na.

“The spirit beasts will be weakened after forming their Beast Flame, so it is the best chance to swallow them.”  Yi Qi said.

“Then these spirit beasts, they are planning to swallow their comrades.”  Yuan Na’s voice had a strange tone.

“Un, once they swallow a spirit beast that has just formed their Beast Flame, they can immediately increase their strength.”  Yi Qi said.

It was no wonder all these cultivators came to the High Ocean Mountains at this time.

Yuan Na shook her head before giving the order for everyone to rest here.


At a mountain several mountains away from Yuan Na’s group, Ye Yu Xi’s group had stopped to rest again.

“Look at this, if we keep heading forward, it is the territory of high level spirit beasts and where Beast Flames frequently appear.”  Long Xiao Pang pointed at a line on the map.

There was a still a short distance from where the Burning Sea Thunder Flame was.

“Dragon master, what difference do these high level spirit beasts have from the ones we met just now?”  The fatty casually asked.

“There is no difference, but those spirit beasts just now won’t live for more than three days in the high level spirit beasts’ territory.”  Long Xiao Pang’s answer was also very casual.

Three days…..

The fatty’s little eyes turned round.  He thought about the Iron Claw Eagles, Giant Leopards, Yellow Striped Ants from earlier……

Those spirit beasts couldn’t live for more than three days here, those high level spirit beasts were too terrifying!

“Fatty, the shocking things come later.  Spirit beasts in the fifth spiritual level and above can give birth to Beast Flames, so naturally their strength isn’t normal.  The path after this won’t be easy to travel.” Long Xiao Pang waved his hand to let Ye Yu Xi put the map away.

“Master, can I go out and play?”  Huo Ling pitifully requested from Ye Yu Xi’s shoulder.

After the matter with the Iron Claw Eagles, Huo Ling went around and brought back several Giant Leopards.  After this, Ye Yu Xi forbid Huo Ling from moving around.

“Master, I promise I won’t steal herbs this time.”  Huo Ling’s little head rubbed against Ye Yu Xi’s face.

Ye Yu Xi nodded.  If Huo Ling was in the air, at least he could look around.

“Thank you, master.”  Huo Ling flapped his wings and went into the air.

“The thing you used earlier, it was the Imperial Flame Art?”  Ye Yu Xi looked at Bai Jin Yi beside her and asked the question in the depth of her heart.

Bai Jin Yi revealed a smile like a spring breeze and shook his head.

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