Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 657

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Chapter 657: Don’t go too far (Part 5)

The first place was: Crystal Maple Lotus.

This person had already won eleven times!

Shi Qing’s eyes fell onto Xue Yu.

He said to Ye Yu Xi and the others in his mind, “This battle, let me fight.”

Shi Qing had his own thoughts.  He had eaten the young miss’ food and lived in the young miss’ house, but he had never helped Ye Yu Xi before.  Even the pill he needed to train came from Ye Yu Xi’s hands.

Shi Qing would rather smash his head than to continue like this.

“It seems like I’m very honoured, ha, ha.”  Xue Yu laughed as he stood up from his chair.

The other men all looked at Xue Yu’s back with eyes filled with fear.

That man……was just too terrifying!

A seventh spiritual level expert couldn’t last three rounds at his hands!

It’s said that to beat Xue Yu, one had to be at least in the eighth spiritual level.

“Sixth level against seventh level, is that Blood Enchantress kid crazy?”  Everyone had the same thought.

“Boss, should I go instead?”  The fatty said to Ye Yu Xi.

“Can you beat Shi Qing?”  Ye Yu Xi asked back.

“I……”  The fatty couldn’t say anything.  In terms of fighting, Shi Qing was stronger than him.  The people that Shi Qing couldn’t beat, he definitely couldn’t beat.

Xue Yu stood up from his chair and gave a slight nod behind Shi Qing.  His movement was very subtle.

Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi both noticed Xue Yu’s action and turned to look back, but the door was completely empty.

“I’m going out for a bit.”  Bai Jin Yi said beside Ye Yu Xi’s ear before leaving with soft steps.

On the stage, Shi Qing and Xue Yu were already in place across from each other.

“Xue Yu, high seventh spiritual level.”  Xue Yu cupped his hands at Shi Qing.

“Begin!”  The staff member quickly retreated to the side.


Shi Qing released spiritual energy under his feet, Purple Thunder Technique!

Xue Yu smiled as he watched Shi Qing’s movement.  This move, he had already seen through it in the last two battles!

He reached out his hand to block Shi Qing’s path of attack.

Shi Qing narrowed his eyes, Purple Shadow Dodge!


Shi Qing who was moving at an incredible speed disappeared and reappeared behind Xue Yu.


Shi Qing sent his elbow at Xue Yu’s head.

Oh?  So fast.

Xue Yu raised a brow.  Feeling the wind behind his head, he didn’t panic at all.

A close shave.

Shi Qing’s full strength attack landed on thin air.

“Your speed is too slow.”  Xue Yu’s voice came from behind Shi Qing.


Shi Qing sent an elbow back, but it was easily blocked by the other side.

Ye Yu Xi coldly watched the scene on stage.

He was seen through.  Shi Qing’s actions had been seen through by the other side!

The interaction between the two reminded Ye Yu Xi of when she faced Bai Jin Yi, her attacks had also been blocked by Bai Jin Yi like this.

Hei Sha looked at Xue Yu’s back and a trace of shock flashed in her eyes.

This person, he definitely wasn’t in the seventh spiritual level!

Shi Qing in Tian Zong’s Black Wind Art could still fight with her.  With Shi Qing’s reaction, if the other side was in the seventh spiritual level, he wouldn’t be this strong!

The crowd also noticed the situation on the stage.

“Xue Yu is too strong, he can’t be beaten!”

“This month, I’m afraid no one can beat Xue Yu.”

Xue Yu slightly patted down with his hand, but Shi Qing expected his attack and dove forward, flying out two meters.

“Oh?  Your reaction is quite fast.”  Xue Yu said with a smile.

Shi Qing’s face was cold, “You’re very strong, but…..”

In front of everyone, Shi Qing took off his clothes to reveal what was inside.


When Xue Yu saw what was on Shi Qing, his eyes became a bit bigger.

He actually still had this on?

Guang dang!  The tile on the ground was shattered into several pieces.

Shi Qing took off his “clothes” and it was completely made of iron!

He actually…..wore clothes that were close to a hundred pounds while fighting!

Hei Sha thought of Shi Qing’s speed and her eyes opened wide as her scalp itched.

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