Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 656

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Chapter 656: Don’t go too far (Part 4)

Shi Qing was certain that the other side also didn’t use their full strength!



Xue Fei Yang’s arm bent in a strange arc.  He didn’t directly attack Shi Qing, rather he scratched Shi Qing’s shoulder.

The hu sound was Shi Qing’s cloak being ripped off!

This is bad!

Ye Yu Xi’s expression changed.  That Xue Fei Yang came up to investigate!

That claw just now, Shi Qing clearly couldn’t dodge it, but the other side only aimed at his cloak.

Pa, pa, pa.

Shi Qing flipped through the air three times, moving away from that place.  He looked at Xue Fei Yang with a serious look on his face.


Gasps came from the crowd!

So young!

Such a young person was actually in the sixth spiritual level and the key thing was that his battle strength was this high!


Xue Yu sat up in his chair.  Seeing the ash grey colour around Shi Qing’s fist, he raised one brow.

A servant came up behind Xue Yu and lowered his head to whisper a few words.

“Un?  Big brother really said this?”  Xue Yu looked over with a surprised gaze.


“Alright, you go and prepare things.”  Xue Yu waved his hand.

That servant didn’t leave immediately, “When I came here, Lu Cheng’s group was waiting outside.  I have investigated this and the Blood Enchantress group has caused trouble in the Ice Mist Country, so they should be on the wanted list.  Should we……”

“Lu Cheng?  No need, lead the brothers to wait outside, let’s wait and see.  We can have…..the arena’s people help us investigate. Tell the brothers to follow first and move according to the situation.”  Xu Yu said.

“Yes!”  The servant silently left.

Xue Yu looked at Shi Qing on the stage.

Fei Yang against this kid…..was having a bit of trouble?

He really didn’t know what big brother was thinking.  This group only had this bit of cultivation, there was no need to do all this.

This grievance, at most Xue Yu would think about it, but he wouldn’t dare go against his big brother’s orders.

Ke, ke!

Xue Yu gave two coughs.

Xue Fei Yang fighting Shi Qing on stage heard this and understood Xue Yu’s meaning.


Xue Fei Yang suddenly sent out a punch.

Shi Qing swayed back and forth and his figure became unstable.  There were many attacks where when Shi Qing dodged right as Xue Fei Yang’s fist arrived.


Many people in the audience swallowed a mouthful of saliva in shock.

What kind of instinct was this?!

Was this still a person!

Of the two on stage, Xue Fei Yang seemed to have four fists while Shi Qing was surrounded by afterimages of Xue Fei Yang’s fists.

The most terrifying thing was.

Even in this dense mass of punches, that Blood Enchantress kid actually dodged them all!

In the rows closest to the stage, they could even feel the wind from Xue Fei Yang’s fist.

If they were hit by this fist, they would definitely fall!

Oh?  He’s quite strong.

Xue Yu revealed a faint smile.  His brother Fei Yang had discretion in making his move, this he was very certain in!

Shi Qing kept watching Xue Fei Yang as his body moved with instinct, not considering where the other side will punch at all.

Finally Shi Qing seized a chance.


The four fists of the two collided.

Xue Fei Yang seemed to have used quite a bit of spiritual energy, as he was panting with large breaths.

Shi Qing wanted to make a move when Xue Fei Yang raised his hand.

“Stop, don’t fight anymore, I give up.”  Xue Fei Yang gave a laugh and hobbled off the stage.  

Seeing Xue Fei Yang’s weak appearance, Shi Qing’s eyes filled with confusion.

The other side’s cultivation was around the same as his and he had only used half his spiritual energy.  Even if he consumed more energy while attack.

He wouldn’t have exhausted all his spiritual energy like now!

Ye Yu Xi considered this and felt something was off…..

The other side also put up a profound grade cultivation technique, he gave it up just like this?

At this time, the staff member came up.

“You can choose someone from the crowd as your opponent.  If you win, their thing will be yours.”

Shi Qing looked at the men sitting in their seats.

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