Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 655

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Chapter 655: Don’t go too far (Part 3)


The fatty laughed before saying to Ye Yu Xi, “Boss, that brat is up there causing trouble.”

“Don’t talk, watch seriously.”  Ye Yu Xi reprimanded.

On the stage, Shi Qing watched the old man and his eyes were stable without changing.

Luring the enemy in!

If he had attacked just now, he definitely would have been attacked by this old man.

Si Guo Xing saw that Shi Qing wasn’t falling for his move.  His triangular eyes changed and he changed techniques.

“I was a bit excited.  Again, again.” Si Guo Xing said, as he pretended to stand up.  He slapped the ground and he flew out!


Shi Qing’s fist slammed into Si Guo Xing’s fist and that powerful force pushed Shi Qing back half a step.

His eyes turned cold and his hand grabbed the old man’s wrist.  With a flick, he threw the old man up.

So fast!

Xue Yu was sitting in the fighter area and his eyes turned cold.  Shi Qing’s movements definitely surpassed the strength of the sixth spiritual level!

Xue Yu’s lips formed a smile.  It seemed like his big brother was right, this kid really did have some skills.

Si Guo Xing’s wrist was grabbed by Shi Qing and his expression fell.  His other hand grabbed onto Shi Qing’s wrist to avoid being thrown away.


Si Guo Xing sent out spiritual energy from his palm and the two separated.

Shi Qing’s eyes were cold as he immediately used the Purple Thunder Technique.


Ye Yu Xi raised a brow.  Shi Qing actually used his movement technique to charge in!

The Purple Thunder Technique was one for dodging, being used to confuse the enemy.  Shi Qing actually used the quick speed to send out a kick!


Shi Qing swept out his leg and it slammed into Si Guo Xing’s chest.

Si Guo Xing’s body was like a kite with its string cut, as he was slammed off the stage.

“Blood Enchantress, victory!”  The staff member announced in a loud voice.

After Si Guo Xing lost, a large man came forward.  He was in the high sixth spiritual level and he used the Fierce Tiger Fist.

Only the result was the same as Si Guo Xing.  In less than a minute, he was sent off the stage with a fist from Shi Qing.

The crowd began to discuss this.  This Blood Enchantress, their strength surpassed their expectations!

Moreover, based on his black cloak, it seemed like he had never used his full strength!  To be able to easily win against someone in the peak sixth spiritual level, this person……was he really in the low sixth spiritual level?!

As for Blood Enchantress’ strength, it was a mystery to these people.

The staff member in the corner saw Shi Qing’s strength and he quickly ran off with a serious look.

“Brother Lu, brother Lu, this is bad.  Si Guo Xing just lost, our people…..” The staff member ran out and saw several dozen people behind brother Lu.

“That old thief Si Guo Xing lost that quickly?  Go to the manager and request the two elders Huo and Feng to move with us.  Say that the other side has quite a few people.” Lu Cheng waved his hand.

“Yes!”  The staff member ran to the second floor.

Inside the arena.

Xue Yu was sitting there, watching Shi Qing easily win with a smile on his face.

He looked at a person behind him and that person nodded.

That person slapped the armrest of his chair and jumped up.  Flipping in the air, he landed on the stage.

“Xue Fei Yang is here to compare notes.”  Xue Fei Yang’s head was not big, but his eyes were bright and piercing.

The staff member was very familiar with Xue Fei Yang, directly reporting his strength.  Peak sixth spiritual level!

“Please!”  Shi Qing felt the aura around the person in front of him and softly spat out one word.


Xue Fei Yang flickered and he approached Shi Qing.

Dong, dong, dong!

Three consecutive punches.  The spiritual energy of both sides clashed.


Shi Qing was surprised.  He had already used 80% of his strength and he could only match the other side.

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