Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 654

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Chapter 654: Don’t go too far (Part 2)

The staff member checked the information on the form with the information in the book before bringing the form to the second floor.

“Manager Lu, I’ve found a force on the wanted list.”  The staff member said with his head down.

“Un?  Let me see.”  Manager Lu was holding a maid in his arms as he stretched out a hand.

The staff member quickly handed the form over with his head down, not daring to look directly at his boss.

“This wanted order came from the Ice Mist Country.  The Blood Enchantress group created trouble in public and was put on the wanted list several months ago.”  The staff member said.

“A small Ice Mist Country, it won’t have much money.  Go and check out their strength and if they can come down alive, send people to follow them.”  Master Lu’s hand inside the maid’s clothes used a bit more force.

The maid knit her brows, but she didn’t dare make a sound.

“Yes.”  The staff member acknowledge this order and retreated.

“Wait!”  Manager Lu stroked his beard as he mulled it over, “Tell Lu Cheng that if there is a need, just bring back one or two people.  There is no need to bring the others back.”


The door was softly closed.


In the stage.

Ye Yu Xi’s group was just here to fight, so they were treated no differently from ordinary guests.

The area they were in was completely for normal guests.

“Young miss, only by winning three times in a row can we qualify to fight for the Crystal Maple Lotus.”  Ye Wen whispered in Ye Yu Xi’s ear.

“Three rounds?  That many?” Ye Yu Xi slightly knit her brows.

“Un, boss, Ye Wen and I have already investigated it.  The person who brought out the Crystal Maple Lotus has already won eleven times.”  The fatty added.

Eleven rounds!

Ye Yu Xi looked over the row of people on the other side.

On the hundred square meters stage, there was a group of people.  Those people were the defenders, who were the winners in the previous rounds!

The people on stage could choose to fight any one of them.

Ye Yu Xi’s eyes focused and wanted to investigate the cultivation of the other side.

Bai Jin Yi placed a hand on Ye Yu Xi’s shoulder and said in a low voice, “Don’t mess around.”

“Young miss, I’ll go.”  Shi Qing went on stage wrapped in his cloak.

On the stage, Shi Qing handed a form to the staff member.

“Ice Mist Country, Blood Enchantress has come on stage.  Strength, low sixth spiritual level! Bet, profound grade cultivation technique, Blue Wolf Step.”


Sounds of discussion came from the powers in the audience.

“Ice Mist Country, what kind of place is that?  I’ve never heard of it before.”

“It seems to be a small place.  Low sixth spiritual level, this strength is decent.”

After a few seconds of silence in the participant area, an old man who was around fifty slowly stood up.

“Blue Wolf Step, this old man was missing a movement technique.”  The old man slowly walked onto the stage and gave his form to the staff member.

“Origin Flame Country, Si Guo Xing, peak sixth spiritual level.  Bet, Earth Dragon Fruit.” The staff member looked over the two of them, “Begin!”

There was a large level between them, but Shi Qing wasn’t nervous at all.

“It’s that old thief Si Guo Xing.  That person from the Ice Mist Country is doomed.”  Quite a few people in the audience had the same thought.

Si Guo Xing looked at Shi Qing and said while laughing, “Kid, you’re not that old, right?  This place is much more dangerous than the Ice Mist Country.”

Shi Qing looked up at Si Guo Xing, “Make a move.”

Hei Sha looked at Shi Qing without turning.  Last time she fought with Shi Qing, Shi Qing’s reaction had left a profound mark on Hei Sha!

“Brother, then I won’t be polite.”  Si Guo Xing’s voice became fierce.

With a step, Si Guo Xing charged at Shi Qing.


Shi Qing didn’t move and Si Guo Xing was sprawled on the ground.

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