Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 59

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Chapter 59: Catch them for me!

“Where is Xiao Wei, bring me there!”

Housekeeper Li led the concubine to Yang Wei’s treatment room.

When the concubine saw the wrapped up Yang Wei on the bed, her face turned sinister.  Her eyes turned fierce as she sharply asked the doctor to the side, “Doctor Zhou, how is my son’s injuries?”

“Reporting to the madame, the young master has several broken bones.  The young master’s body….is relatively weak. It could be one-two months before he can even get out of bed.”  The one diagnosing him was the one called a quack by Ye Yu Xi, Doctor Zhou!

“Who did it!”  The concubine gritted her teeth and her voice was very unclear.

Not a single servant to the side dared to respond.

“Are you all deaf!  Who did t!” The concubine glared at them and roared.

“I heard those guards say that it was the Ye Manor’s young miss, Ye Yu Xi who beat the young master into this state.  I don’t know the specifics yet…..” Housekeeper Li said from the side in a small voice.

“Where is that slut!”  The concubine clasped a handkerchief in her hands, clearly showing that she was currently filled with rage.  Beating her son, she might endure it if it was the royal family, but the one who beat her son was actually a piece of trash!  She would cut that Ye Yu Xi into ten thousand pieces!

“Ye Yu Xi bought a yard in the city’s west and is currently in that yard.”

“Call five hundred soldiers and surround that yard for me!  I want to make that slut Ye Yu Xi pay ten times the price today!”  The concubine’s eyes were almost spewing flames of rage.


“Young miss, that old housekeeper is back again.”  Qing’er’s voice came from outside the door.

Ye Yu Xi was currently sitting in the living room reading the ancient book when she heard Qing’er’s voice.  Knitting her brows, she secretly thought: It’s been less than two days, so what is that old man here for.

“Let him come in.”  Ye Yu Xi put away her things.

“Young miss Ye, I’m here for a visit, this old man has disturbed you.”  The old housekeeper had not even entered the house before his voice came in.  He was not as anxious as before and was much more cheerful.

Ye Yu Xi waved his hand to tell Qing’er to serve the tea and she respectfully spoke to the old housekeeper, “Old housekeeper, two days haven’t passed yet.  Why are you here already?”

The old housekeeper bowed to Ye Yu Xi, as he said with a smile, “My house’s madame woke up today and knew that they young miss saved her.  She wanted me to come here and visit the young miss. The madame gave an order, I can only follow.”

As the two of them spoke, there was a soft burst of footsteps coming from outside.

Dong, dong, dong, dong, dong, dong, dong……

Ye Yu Xi suddenly looked outside.  This feeling was very familiar!

Back on earth, before she had retired as an assassin, she had met this same situation.  She had assassinated the leader of an area and following that, the place was surrounded by an army.  There was this same rhythmic and dense sound of footsteps as before!

Ye Yu Xi and the old housekeeper walked out together.

Bai Jin Yi also noticed the situation outside the yard and came to the front yard.  He looked over at Ye Yu Xi who came out of the living room and revealed an evil smile, “There are quite a few people, seems like today will be lively.”

Ye Wen, Ye Man, and the fatty also ran over to see what was happening.

“Qing’er, you stay, the other three will return to your rooms.  I’ll take care of this matter.” Ye Yu Xi gave her orders without any nervousness in her voice at all.

A female voice shouting came from outside the yard, “Surround it for me!  Not even a bird is allowed to escape!”

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